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5 Ways To Overcome Rejection In Telemarketing

Feb 28 / Lee Zi Quan

Today's salesperson must develop the ability to withstand rejection and quickly rebuff it. Let's take a look at some telemarketing rejection strategies.  

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3 Learnings with My Recent Experience with Promoters

Feb 21 / Lee Zi Quan

Understanding the 3 key successful skills for promoters in 2022.   Check out our article to better understand how you can train or become an excellent promoter today!   

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Where Do We Start In Personal Development

Feb 08 / Lee Zi Quan

Creating the Right Personal Development Goals for 2022   Check out our article to get a better idea of how you can begin this journey today!  

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3 Key Changes In People’s Expectations Towards Managers in 2022

Feb 03 / Lee Zi Quan

Leaders need to be aware of changing workplace trends. Let’s have a look are how people’s expectations towards managers have changed in these 3 aspects

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