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[New Retail + New Platform] Chapter 7- Corporate Social Responsibility

[New Retail + New Platform] Chapter 7- Corporate Social Responsibility

“Return to the society what you’ve taken from it”

Translated from a Chinese proverb, this saying captures the essence of what CSR is really about - not just bolstering the corporation’s reputation, but also establishing a compassionate company culture and attracting like-minded talents.

In Chapter 6 of New Retail + New Platform, we got a taste of how Senheng’s company culture enthusiastically nurtures all employees’ personal growth and successes. This same enthusiasm can be seen in how the company gives back to the community.

This time around, let’s take a look at Chapter 7 to discover some of Senheng’s CSR initiatives over the past two decades.


Senheng’s CSR Programs Over the Years

1.  Environmental Responsibility

2003: The Launch of Biodegradable Plastics.

Senheng replaces all non-biodegradable plastic bags that had previously been in use to biodegradable plastic bags across all outlets.

2009: The Launch of Eco-Friendly Bags.

Following the switch from non-biodegradable to biodegradable plastic bags, Senheng launched a recyclable eco-friendly carrier bag to further promote environmental awareness among shoppers.

2010: I Plant A Tree Project.

In collaboration with the Malaysian Wildlife Society (WWF), Senheng launched a tree planting project in the forests of northern Ulu Segama, Sabah. The big picture was to protect the local wildlife in the area.

For every inverter air conditioner sold at any Senheng outlet, a tree would be planted in the northern forest of Segama. Compared to non-inverter air conditioners, inverter air conditioners prevent wasteful energy consumption and are up to 30 - 50% more energy-efficient. This program successfully covered 46 hectares of forest, with a total of 7,700 trees planted.

2013: Electronic Waste Recycling Program.

As Malaysia’s largest electronics retailer, Senheng takes the issue of e-waste seriously. Together with the Malaysian Department of Environment, Senheng has assisted our government in setting a clear direction and policy in formulating long-term plans for e-waste management. Electronic waste collection bins have also been placed in Senheng outlets nationwide.

2014: “I Love Panda” Sponsorship Activities.

Remember Xing Xing and Liang Liang? When the two pandas were sent from China

to celebrate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and China, Senheng began donating RM500,000 per year for two consecutive years to the National Zoo.


2.  Youth, Sports and Education

2000: Orphans Adoption Program.

20 years ago, Senheng’s first CSR initiative involved working with Hope House to promote the orphan adoption program, sponsoring the full living and education expenses for 57 orphans for three years.

2010 - 2016: Senheng-Samsung SS Junior Badminton Scholarship.

Over the years, Senheng has made a significant impact in nurturing young badminton talents in Malaysia. One of the most notable would be the Senheng-Samsung SS Junior Badminton Scholarship, which was listed in the Malaysian Book of Records and became the most popular badminton event for athletes.

Young talents discovered through the Senheng-Samsung Junior Badminton Tournament were shortlisted and fully supported in terms of not only full-time professional training, but also education and accomodation fees. Together with Samsung, the company pledged RM1.5 million per year for six consecutive years to sponsor young badminton talents.

Today, there are more than five national players in the Malaysian national team who

were recruited from the SS Junior Badminton Scholarship Program.

2012: “Standards for Being a Good Student and Child” (Di Zi Gui) Project.

Most Malaysian Chinese will be familiar with the book“Standards for Being a Good Student and Child”, which speaks of values such as good social conduct and filial piety.

Senheng believes in moral education just as much as academic education. The company’s initiatives under this program include a talk on filial piety and family values at the Plenary Theatre in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Well-known publisher and writer Poh Seng Titt also held a series of related activities and a five-hour talk on the book for the company’s own employees.

Senheng also partnered with Ai FM to sponsor the “Standards for Being a Good Student and Child” radio program.

2019: The Launch of the New Senheng Education Assistance (SEA) Program.

Just last year, Senheng launched the Senheng Education Assistance Program (SEA) to help poor students with excellent academic results to pursue their dreams. The program sponsors 20 students per year with RM20,000 each to pursue their chosen academic program.


3.  Economic and Ethical Responsibility

2008: Raised RM202,898 for Sichuan Earthquake Victims.

In the wake of the tragic magnitude 8 earthquake that devastated Sichuan, Senheng in partnership with Sin Chew Daily launched a fundraising effort. The program successfully raised RM202,898 from customers and employees.

2018: Donation of RM1 million to Hope Fund.

Strongly believing that citizens should faithfully contribute to the country, Senheng’s Managing Director Lim Kim Heng donated RM1 million to Malaysia’s Hope Fund (Tabung Harapan Malaysia) when it was first established.


Make space for CSR in your company.

In today’s highly competitive business world, compassion always pays off. Be it in business or our personal lives, what one puts out into the world will be returned with equal magnitude.

If you’re having trouble deciding on a worthy cause for your company’s CSR initiatives, take inspiration from Senheng’s CSR stories!