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Is Telemarketing Still a Relevant Source for Lead Generation?

Is Telemarketing Still a Relevant Source for Lead Generation?

The fast-growing digital space has drastically influenced consumer behaviours and desires. While this has rendered certain business practices obsolete, telemarketing isn’t one of them! 

Yes, you read that right. Telemarketing should still remain a top priority to generate leads.

In order to effectively communicate and manage the needs of your target audience, emotional intelligence is key – a component which will be difficult to replicate by technological advancement. 

Emotional intelligence is the ability to comprehend and accommodate other views, it’s a skill that provides support, education, and persuasion for your customers. With that said, telemarketing paired with today’s tech-driven culture can pave the way for greater leads, in-depth market analysis, and for you to stay ahead of competitors. 

5 reasons why telemarketing is still relevant for lead generation

1. It goes beyond getting cold leads

Telemarketing is more than just cold calling to get new leads. As customer retention becomes increasingly important for businesses, telemarketing can play an essential part in pushing repeated purchases, and even reinforcing the interests of customers that may be starting to develop doubts about your brand.

In turn, this can reflect greater engagement rates and higher reach for your business’s newsletters, events, campaigns, and mass advertising. 

2. Adds a personalised touch to your services

When telemarketers address customers in a friendly, human manner, it encourages customers to be more receptive to what is being offered to them. This is especially true if the telemarketer speaks your customer's native language.

Telemarketers help make your customers feel heard – something few other lead generation channels can do.


3. Helps bring in more high-quality leads

Lead quantity and lead quality are not the same.

With telemarketing, you’re able to better track customer behavioural patterns and levels of engagement. This info can then be used to create more effective online marketing materials and more targeted campaigns to generate even more inquiries and qualified leads than ever before.

Your telemarketing team can also use networking sites like LinkedIn to determine who they’re speaking with and whether they’re the correct contact. This is yet another method of data collection that will assist telemarketers in discovering and nurturing strong leads.


4. It sparks continued curiosity and interest 

A great telemarketing strategy lays the groundwork for an ongoing discussion about your company's offerings, values, goals, and future initiatives – in person too!

It enables both existing and potential customers to gain a better understanding and appreciation for what your company stands for, which can be further amplified with your digital marketing efforts.

A better understanding of your business means greater conversion rates, sales, stronger customer loyalty and effective word-of-mouth testimonials. 


5. Do it right with digitalisation

Telemarketing can still be relevant – but only when done right. In today’s era, that means thinking bigger to incorporate digitalisation. 

So, what does that look like? Various digital customer management systems can be incorporated so that your team of outbound callers have enough context when making their calls. Having as much customer data as possible allows your telemarketing team to engage with prospects in a more personalised manner. 

Insights gathered during the calls can also be delivered back into the system, allowing patterns and similarities to be gathered and analysed later on.


Effective telemarketing doesn’t come overnight...

All in all, a great telemarketing strategy combined with other digital sources of communication can guarantee your business as a strong contender in today’s competitive market.

If you’re searching for reliable and resilient telemarketers to be on your team, it all starts with quality training. Now, you can tap into valuable telemarketing insights from industry leaders in our upcoming training – Telemarketing 2.0. Get in touch to find out more.