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New Retail + Leadership

 Do you often wonder what else can you do to gain customer loyalty and drive your business to greater heights other than just focusing on providing wow customer service?

Study Type
Offline & Online
8 hours
English & BM Adaptive


Are you curious to identify strategies that you can leverage on to generate more traffic for your business? Do you often wonder what else can you do to gain customer loyalty and drive your business to greater heights other than just focusing on providing wow customer service?



In this 2 days program, we will be guiding you through the fundamentals of moving your business into New Retail and providing you insights towards the needs of having a seamless business model. You will also master strategies on how to increase traffic for your business, build stronger connection with your customers by focusing on building your brand personality and through co-creation, so that you can have an army of loyal customers for your business. After looking at methods to enhance our business strategies, it is also important for us to reflect on ourselves as personal leadership is an important in driving work productivity. Hence, you will also be given guidance on the 8 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey so that you can transform yourself from effectiveness to greatness, transform yourself into a whole new level, so that you can make greater contributions to the company.



In 2016, Jack Ma has pointed out that e-commerce will become a “traditional” business soon, and that the future of retailers would be to transform into New Retail. What exactly is New Retail? New Retail is the seamless integration of online and offline stores so that we can give customers the convenience to decide where, when and how they want to shop. However, with the retail industry getting more and more competitive, it means that we need to level up our strategies in order to achieve breakthrough. Through examining a series of retail case studies by Senheng, Xiaomi,  Dell and many more, we will dissect their business strategies piece by piece, make it easy for you to digest and absorb, so that you can have greater insights and move on to create your own unbeatable business strategy.



  • SME
  • Head of Department
  • Managers/Senior Managers
  • Store Managers / Salesperson
  • Executives



By the end of this course, the participants will be able to; 

  1. Understand the 9 elements of seamless business model to transform your business into New Retail.
  2. Create a strong and personalized branding for your company and utilize value co-creation to gain customer loyalty and drive your business to greater heights.
  3. Uncover the key qualities required to be an influential and respected leader in the workplace.

Master and utilize the 7 habits of highly effective people to overcome challenges in life and bring yourself a step closer to your goals.



DAY 1 

  • The Need For Businesses To Move Into New Retail
  • Senheng Seamless Business Model
  • Case Study: How Senheng Drive Traffic And Purchase Intent Through Campaign Strategy
  • Elements Of A Retail Business
  • Strategies To Drive More Traffic For Your Business
  • Uncover The Power of 11.11 
  • Using CDP To Provide Seamless Customer Experience
  • The Shift From Price To Personality
  • Brand Personality Build Modern Brands
  • New Retail Brand Personalization
  • Case Study: Dell and Colgate
  • Leveraging On Co-Creation To Enhance Customer Value
  • Creating Your Fan Economy
  • Case Study: Co-Creation Strategies From Other Retailers and Senheng



  • The Life Of A Salaryman
  • Gru’s 7 Life Tips
  • Using The Human Potential To Respond Proactively
  • Paradigm Shift
  • Technology Shifting Industries
  • Digital Paradigm In Leadership
  • Are We In The Correct Paradigm?
  • The Habit Loop: 3 Steps To Change A Habit
  • 7 Habits Tree
  • The Escape Room Challenge
  • Case Study: Wang Yung-Ching
  • Mastering The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People
  • The Greatest Fear Of People
  • Finding Strength In “Hokusai’s” Wave
  • Fox Vs Hedgehog Thinking
  • Case Study: Moose Toys