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English For Retail

We will be guiding you through the fundamentals of English usage in retail situations and provide you the right ways to deliver messages in English more confidently.

Study Type
4 hours
Conducted in English & BM Adaptive

Pain points in business

Do you find it challenging to talk to your customers or other people around you in English? Do you find your level of confidence crumbles every time you are required to use English in your conversation or sentences? If you can relate to these questions, you have found the exact place to solve all your concerns. 


What you will be learning in this program

English For Retail is specially designed to assist non-native English speakers to sharpen their English capabilities and techniques to thrive in the world of retail and also real life. You will be able to discover the methods to gain more confidence when speaking English, differentiating common English terms used in retail and more. As a result, your English skills can be developed to achieve both your personal and working goals. 


Brief summary

There are numerous reasons why English is important. It helps you meet new individuals, gain a new perspective or better comprehend another culture and improves your listening skills. Those who speak two or more languages have more active minds later in life, according to some research. Other than that, since companies are becoming more global, English is becoming a requirement for more professions. Most organizations now conduct entire business in English, no matter where they are located. Learning English is definitely a great way to excel in your work. Even though the process may be tedious at first, you should concentrate on the advantages of learning English and the positive consequences of the overall process.


Product Promoters, Store Sales Persons


By the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Identify the importance and benefits of learning English in daily life and at work
  • Understand simple and powerful English words for different retail situations
  • Demonstrate the ability to speak English in retail conversations
  • Deliver the right message when conversing or writing in English





  • The Purpose Of Learning English
  • The Worldwide Language Of English
  • Level Of Value In English
  • Techniques To Gain Confidence
  • The Benefits Of Having Confidence In English
  • Introduction To Noun
  • Introduction To Verb
  • Adding Adjectives To Make Sentences Interesting 
  • Importance Of Adjectives
  • Lookalike Words And Their Meanings
  • The Importance Of Punctuation
  • Tips To Continue Improving English