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Professional Certificate In New Retail Marketing



Modern retailing is one of the most rapidly expanding field in today’s business world. (Deloitte)


New Retail has proven to help businesses grow in 3 ways: increased new customer sales, customer retention and lowering the cost of serving customers.


The course is taught by subject matter experts with good exposure to the retail business. This Certificate focuses on workplace applications grounded by real industry case studies.

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    Industry-in-Campus Certification

    Our Professional Certificate In New Retail Marketing Is Suitable For

    • Fresh graduates seeking to launch their careers in retail business
    • Working professionals who want to advance their career in the field of retailing in the Omnichannel environment
    • Business owners who want to deliver excellent Omnichannel strategy
    • Organizations who want to improve the competence of their sales and marketing team

    What You Can Learn

    • Understand omnichannel business strategies and how to measure their success.
    • Broaden your practical skills with real Industry backed practices that demonstrate how organizations are using these tools to drive transformation.
    • Build competitive marketing tactics to solve specific business challenges

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    Access to real world business insights

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    Become a member in The Association of Certified Professionals (ACP) upon successful completion of the program

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    Delivered by experienced academic lecturers and corporate trainers which ensure the effectiveness of program content

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    Application-oriented program structure, which allows you to immediately apply the acquired skills in real world situations

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    Opportunities to network with industry professional

    Program Details

    Program Name

    Professional Certificate in New Retail Marketing

    Time Required

    3- 4 Months

    Language Conducted


    Mode of Delivery


    (F2F Session will be conducted on Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology (TARUMT) KL Main Campus)

    Estimated Total Tuition Fees

    RM 0*- RM 5,100 based on payment option

    *Exclusive 10% Off  for MRCA Members and TARUMT Alumni


    *For detailed pricing please refer to the payment option below

    Main Topics Covered

    • New Retailing Landscape
    • Integrated Retail Marketing Strategy
    • Retail Metrics, Analytics & Application


    Potential Job Prospect

    • Business Development Specialist
    • Digital Business Entrepreneur


    Learning outcomes

    On completion of this module, learners will be able to:

    • Trace and discuss the evolution of the retailing industry landscape and its implications for modern retailing practices to sustain business continuity and competitiveness
    • Explain internal and external environmental scanning to facilitate new retail seamless strategy formulation.
    • Identify and apply key principles, techniques and tools required to successfully formulate and implement new retail seamless strategy for a product or service including evaluating business models options.
    • Examine key concepts and techniques to undertake both offline and online retailing activities.


    Indicative contents

    1. What is New Retail?
    2. Three Key Trends in New Retailing
    3. Evolution of Retail Industry and Global Disruption Trends (VUCA)
    4. Internal and External Business Environment Analysis
    5. Emergence of International Marketing Channels
    6. Principles of Omnichannel Retailing
    7. Modern Shoppers and Omnichannel Customer Journey
    8. New Retail Solution in Omnichannel Marketing
    9. Moving from Conventional Business Model to Seamless Business Model
    10. Nine Pillars of Seamless Business Model

    Learning outcomes

    On completion of this module, learners will be able to:

    • Classify the elements of retail marketing mix for decision making in retailing and apply them in various key marketing activities specifically at target markets/ customers.
    • Write an integrated marketing plan and strategies for offline and online channels in order to maximize return on investment.
    • Apply innovative and evergreen content marketing concepts that attract, educate, influence and persuade the targeted audience.
    • Discuss the concerns of ethics and privacy in relation to social media
    • Comply with the generally accepted business and marketing code of conduct


    Indicative contents

    1. Retail Marketing Mix
    2. Effect of 4Ps from Digital Landscape
    3. Creative Content Management
    4. Online to Offline Marketing Campaigns
    5. Employing Omnichannel Marketing Communication
    6. Integrated Marketing Communication and International Advertising
    7. Marketing Ethics in Data Usage
    8. Types of Retail Strategy
    9. Characteristics of a Strategic Target Market
    10. Sustainable Competitive Advantage for Retailers

    Learning outcomes

    On completion of this module, learners will be able to:

    • Apply key retail metrics for both online and offline channels for measuring retail performance for better strategy formulation.
    • Explain how consumers’ purchase intentions are affected by live streaming features in the context of cross-border E-commerce.
    • Perform the use of online video streaming to sell items and services while demonstrating, engaging and answering audience queries in real time through “livestream ecommerce.”
    • Practice skills to create a virtual shopping experience and resources to consider in planning a live session.


    Indicative contents

    1. Managing Data and Tracking the Right ROI in Omnichannel Marketing
    2. Retail Metrics & Analytics
    3. Viewer Engagement and Retention
    4. What is Livestream Ecommerce?
    5. Basic Livestream Interface Components
    6. Live Streamer Presenter Toolbox
    7. Plan a Live Session
    8. Content Preparation for Live Stream
    9. Live Stream Interaction and Social Communities
    10. Monetizing and Sales Conversion a live stream

    Case studies and Industry examples

    Senheng– Learn how Senheng stands out in the New Retail environment through the 9 elements of a seamless business model.

    Alibaba – Discover the source and secret behind this retail giant’s generation of enormous traffic 

    Xiaomi – From a newly startup tech company to making 28 million RMB in 4 years! Discover how this was achieved with almost zero marketing model!

    Starbucks – Learn the competitive advantage of the world’s largest coffeehouse chain and their unique communication method in driving customer loyalty.

    Apple – Discover the various channels used by the legendary brand in distributing and selling products with the secret formulas in maximizing their sales!

    GSC – Discover the secret behind the shift from a conventional communication method to one that is championed and loved by all customers alike.

    PepsiCo – Learn how this company grows it’s business focusing on marketing strategies centred around consumer opinions!


    Other examples include the Amazon, IKEA, Dell, Subaru and many more!



    On successful completion of the program and assessments, learners will be awarded Professional Certificate in New Retail Marketing jointly accredited by London Examination Board (LEB), Traingogy, The Association of Certified Professional (ACP), and SH Retail Academy.


    Becoming a Certified New Retail Marketing Professional will provide you the knowledge, capabilities, and tools you need to react to modern customer needs, technological dynamics, and markets.

    Professional Certificate in New Retail Marketing

    Participant Testimony

    Lecturers & Trainers Involved

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    Tan Ping Foo

    TARUMT Deputy Dean

    Principal Lecturer


    • BA (Hons) (Mal)
    • MBA (UPM)
    • MCIM
    HRDF Certified Trainer- Ee May

    Choon Ee May

    SHRA Training Manager


    • HRD Certified Trainer
    • NLP In Action by NaviGo
    • BSc (Hons) Psychology by University of Edinburgh
    • Top 7 Finalist Toastmaster National Level
    image 5

    Dr Phuah Kit Teng

    TARUMT Senior Lecturer


    • BSc (Hons)
    • MSc, PhD (UPM)
    • ACIM
    HRDF Certified Trainer- Ee Hau

    Lim Ee Hau

    SHRA Corporate Trainer


    • HRD Certified Trainer
    • Bachelor in Psychology (Hons) by HELP University
    image 3

    Dr Lim Chow Yeng

    TARUMT Senior Lecturer


    • DipMgt (MIM)
    • BBus (RMIT)
    • MBA (MMU)
    • DBA (UUM)
    • ACIM








    Our Partners

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    Tunku Abdul Rahman University Of Management and Technology (TARUMT) is a distinguished institution of higher learning acknowledged locally, nationally and globally for its excellence in providing opportunities for intellectual, personal and professional development.


    TARUMT has over 28,000 of current students and 210,000 of alumni working in different industry locally and internationally.


    TARUMT has won many scholastic awards and recognition amongst which include SETARA 5-Star rating for the year 2018 / 2019 under the University Colleges category, Premier Digital Tech University status awarded by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (‘MDEC’) in 2019 and Sin Chew Education Awards 2018 / 19.


    TARUMT is one of the partners in this professional certification and has taken part to co-develop the program contents with SH Retail Academy.

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    SH Retail Academy (SHRA) is a retail training provider founded and inspired by the intention of Mr Lim Kim Heng, Executive Chairman of Senheng New Retail Berhad, to support Malaysian retail industry to grow by increasing productivity through digitalisation and upskilling. SHRA specialize in retail related topics such as New Retail, Sales Skills, Customer Service and even soft skills such as Leadership and
    others and has served retail industry leaders such as Senheng New Retail Berhad, FItness Concept and many others.


    In this professional certification, SHRA utilize the success case studies related to livestreaming success from local and international examples while sharing insights and step by step guide to be a New Retail Marketer in the modern omnichannel environment.

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    Traingogy is a subsidiary of ALZO EDUTECH GROUP, a parent company that includes: London Examinations Board in England; Brittany Université in Paris; Robert Cavelier University in USA; ESOL Awards in England; and Metaverse Awards in England. Traingogy has variety of courses designed to meet learners’ needs of up-skilling or gaining a new skill in a way that fits with learners working and home pattern. The program and courses will give learners appropriate knowledge, skills, and tools in one or more areas relevant to you. Traingogy aim to deal with most skills gaps including in general and localized regions.


    Traingogy is one of the accreditation body of the Professional Certificate in New Retail Marketing alongside with and London Examiniation Board (LEB) and The Association of Certified Professsional (ACP) .

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    London Examinations Board (LEB) is a UK entity registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers and with the UK government’s ESFA – the Education and Skills Funding Agency. LEB has partnered with various universities in the UK, Australia, USA and Europe who have accredited some of our degree programmes. These Universities recognise our academic programmes by allocating them credits against their own undergraduate and/or postgraduate degrees. LEB also been awarded as the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2021 and appointed as the  Export Champion by the Department for International Trade, UK.


    LEB alongside with Traingogy and The Association of Certified Professsional (ACP) is the accreditation body of the Professional Certificate in New Retail Marketing.

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    The Association of Certified Professionals (“ACP“ ) aims to promote the transnational peer-to-peer exchange of ideas within and beyond the professions or borders of its members. It will be a networking and cross-cultural forum where local and international employment opportunities can be advertised and advice, local know-how and knowledge can be sought from other members.


    ACP is one of the accreditation body for of the Professional Certificate in New Retail Marketing alongside with London Examination Board (LEB) and Traingogy.

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