Don’t Miss Out: Make the Most of Your HRD Levy

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In the fast-paced world of Malaysian business, staying ahead often depends on the skills and knowledge of your workforce. That’s where HRD Corp (Human Resources Development Corporation) can be a game-changer. Are you aware of the HRD levy and how it can benefit your business? In Malaysia, the HRD is a crucial resource for employers looking to invest in their workforce. But here’s the catch – if you don’t use it for 2 years, you will lose it. 


What You Can Claim From HRD Fund

You must be wondering how much we can claim from the HRD Fund and where we can invest those funds? There are many things that employers can utilize when claiming from HRD Funds. Employers can claim up to RM 6,000 for 8 hours training and allowance up to RM 150 per pax when joining face to face training that is less than 100 km while up to RM 400 per pax per day for training more than 100km. 


How To Plan For Training

Some might not know where to start in utilizing these funds or not sure how to plan for the training. Here are some recommendation that we can follow:

The Human Resources (HR) Department can run Training Need Analysis (TNA) to understand training needs in the company. Then, they can check their available HRD fund and survey for suitable programs* for the employees. HR can shortlist training programs that are aligned with their needs and start to apply for HRD grants before they can proceed training with suitable providers.


What Are The Programs You Can Claim From HRD Funds

Now, let’s discuss how our training programs come into play. Our training programs are 100% HRDF claimable, meaning you can utilize your HRDF levy to invest in employee training and development. Here’s how you can relate HRDF funding to our training offerings:


In-House Training:

You get an exclusive class, only for your staff. Customize our programs to address your specific needs and goals, whether it’s enhancing leadership skills, boosting productivity, or fostering innovation, our in-house training can be tailored to maximize HRDF funds.

Suitable for companies who prefer customization, have more than 10 pax, and want flexibility of date and venue. Definitely a cost efficient approach, can claim up to RM6,000 of HRD fund per pax per day.


Public Programs:

You get to join the topic of your interest, suitable if you are looking for a small number of pax (2-3 pax). Good side is that you get to network with people from other companies, or other industries. If you do not mind following the trainer provider’s set date, timing and venue, it will be a good choice for you too. You can claim up to RM1,300 per pax per day utilizing your HRD fund.

Suitable for companies who have a few pax to join the training, flexible to follow trainer’s date/time and venue, get a feel of trainer’s style before engaging in class with higher investment value.


Professional Certification:

A value-adding certification for your career, typically few days to 3 months’ courses that provide good theoretical knowledge and practical application. It is a good investment for your staff to provide them with a structured career path. Generally, certification courses will come at a higher price (with higher certification value) than in-house and public programs. Good news is that you can claim the whole training course fee in FULL from the HRD fund.

Suitable for companies who want to utilize your HRD fund (with a considerably huge available HRD fund) and provide a certification for your staff to improve their knowledge and credibility in their career.


At SHRA, we’re proud to offer 

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  1. Professional Certification in New Retail Strategy: A 2-month intensive course that provides an in-depth understanding of the modern retail landscape, emphasizing seamless integration between offline and online channels, strategic retail metrics, content marketing, and maximizing ROI. Additionally, it emphasizes enhancing team performance through understanding individual differences, setting clear expectations, and fostering a motivational work environment.
  2. Executive Diploma in Retail Management: A 3-months comprehensive course that equips learners with a comprehensive understanding of the retail industry, focusing on operational activities, retailing concepts, business types, and management tools. Additionally, the course delves into product management, emphasizing the development, testing, and launching of new products, along with strategies for managing their life cycles.
  3. Executive Diploma in Leadership and Management: A 3-months course provides learners with a robust understanding of performance management, coaching, and team-building within organizational contexts. It covers the intricacies of performance appraisal, various coaching models and styles, and the dynamics of team formation, development, and effective management.
  4. Executive Diploma in Inventory and Warehousing: A 3-months course that offers learners an in-depth understanding of inventory control, forecasting techniques, and the principles of materials-inventory management. Additionally, it covers comprehensive warehousing strategies, their role in the supply chain, and the challenges and solutions associated with last-mile delivery in modern logistics operations.


Elevate your team’s skills and credentials with us today, and witness the transformation firsthand.

By choosing our HRD claimable training programs, you not only empower your employees with essential skills but also ensure that your HRD levy is put to good use. It’s a win-win situation: your employees benefit from valuable training, and you make the most of your HRD funds before they’re forfeited. 

Empower your workforce to reach new heights by unlocking their potential with our HRD claimable professional certification programs. These certifications aren’t just pieces of paper; they’re your team’s ticket to excellence, propelling your company towards unparalleled growth. 


Written by Nik Nur Azizah

SHRA Corporate Trainer

Nik is a trainer from SH Retail Academy. Her working background focuses mainly on coaching and advising people to focus on team goals and identifying team strengths. Her passion in training and learning led her to join the SHRA team as Corporate Trainer for their mission in helping people learn, progress, and use knowledge that fits retail industry needs.

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