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Personal Development For Retailers

How do we become someone who is able to persuade, influence, and get support from others easily? What would be the effective approach to workplace success without jeopardizing our potential?

Study Type
Offline & Online
8 hours
English & BM Adaptive


There are so many people with different personalities, characteristics, working styles in our workplace today, how do we become someone who is able to persuade, influence, and get support from others easily? What would be the effective approach to workplace success without jeopardizing our potential?



In this Personal Development For Retailers program, we will be providing you with techniques on how you can master the 4 thinking skills that are often used by successful people which allows you to achieve great things in your workplace. You will also be given strategies on how to address common challenges at work, such as conflict in the workplace and difficulty getting buy-in and support from others, so that you can build an avenger team at work. This program is definitely going to be an intense but fun-packed program with lots of exciting activities, discussions and case studies to help you master the contents easily. 



The millennials in today’s workforce are often labelled as being a strawberry or snowflake generation. Why? Because they often job hop due to not being able to withstand work pressures and are often fickle-minded. According to a statistic from Qualtrics 2020 Employee Experience Trends Malaysia, 26% of employees in the retail industry intend to stay less than 1 year in the company, and this percentage is found to be significantly higher than all other industries. Having a high turnover rate is detrimental because it also means higher cost to the company, and thus it is an issue that needs to be taken seriously. On the other hand, we often ask ourselves, why can some others stay so long in a company? What makes them different from the rest? The answer lies in how they manage their expectations and adopting the right mindset at work. Without these, no matter where we go, we will often find ourselves ending up feeling dissatisfied at work. What are you waiting for? Come join us now in this program to develop your skills and transform yourself into an outstanding individual that shines bright in the workplace.



  • Head of Department
  • Managers / Senior Managers
  • Executives



By the end of this course, the participants will be able to; 

  1. Master and apply the 4 big thinking skills to become a highly effective and successful individual at work.
  2. Recognize the key mistakes millennials are making at work which affects their level of satisfaction and motivation at work.
  3. Leverage on strategies to build better rapport, become more persuasive and influential at work to obtain buy-in easily from others.
  4. Manage expectations better at work to obtain higher job satisfaction.



DAY 1 

  • The Reason Why People Stay In A Company
  • 5 Millennials problems in workplace
  • Common Workplace Conflicts And Strategies To Overcome Them
  • Understand Your Personality And Leverage On Strategies To Work Effectively With Different Personalities
  • Is The Earth Round Or Flat
  • Big Picture Thinking Vs Our Own Point Of View
  • Case Study: Grab And Senheng
  • Applying Big Picture Thinking To Overcome Workplace Frustrations
  • The Cooking Mania: Working With Different Ingredients
  • Successful People Winning Psychology
  • Case Study: Huawei And Senheng 
  • The Candle Problem: Why Can’t We Achieve More?
  • Using The Two Thinking Skills To Overcome Problems And Obtain Leadership Buy-In 
  • Obtain Agreement Through Chunking Technique
  • NLP Communication Techniques For Persuasion And Influencing
  • Connecting The Dots With Your Team Members



  • Leverage On Team’s Strengths
  • Solo Thinking Vs Shared Thinking
  • Case Study: How Lenovo Innovates Through Shared Thinking
  • Case Study: How Senheng Practice Shared Thinking With Business Partners, Employees And Customers
  • Team SWOT Analysis
  • Move From Competition To Cooperation
  • Adding Value
  • Create Safe Environment For Collaboration
  • Manage Disagreements
  • Test Your Focused Thinking
  • Focused Thinking Vs Unfocused Thinking
  • How GIG Economy And Algorithm Management Impact The Way Work
  • Case Study: How Haier Practice 4 Thinking Skills
  • Case Study: How Senheng Practice 4 Thinking Skills
  • What We Focus On Changes Our Brain
  • 3 Strategies To Develop Focused Thinking
  • Case Study: KPMG’s Purpose Driven Workplace
  • Finding Purpose In Your Work