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HRDF Claimable

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HRDF Claimable

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HRDF Claimable

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Unlock your full potential and elevate your skills with HRDF claimable courses for 2024. In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, continuous learning is essential to stay ahead. And what better way to invest in yourself than by exploring HRDF claimable courses? Whether you are an employee looking to upskill or an employer seeking to enhance your team’s capabilities, HRDF claimable courses provide a cost-effective solution.

With a wide range of courses available, you can choose the ones that align with your goals and interests. From leadership development and digital marketing to project management and communication skills, there’s something for everyone. HRDF claimable courses not only offer valuable insights and knowledge but also come with the advantage of potentially getting your training costs covered.

Stay relevant and adaptable in today’s ever-changing workplace by taking advantage of HRDF claimable courses. Boost your career prospects, improve your performance, and gain a competitive edge. Don’t let opportunities slip away – start maximizing your learning potential now. Invest in yourself with HRDF claimable courses and unlock a world of possibilities.

How Much Can You Claim For HRDF Claimable?

A.  Training Fees



Training conducted must be at least 4 hours. Claimable Training Fees Claimed Based On Types of Programs:

1.  In-House Program (Min 2 Pax, Max 35 Pax)


a. Face-to-Face: Up to RM6,000/Group/Day (amount will be pro-rated if less than 5 pax)

b. Online: Up to RM6,000/Group/Day or RM700/Pax/Day (whichever is lower)

2.  Public Program (Max 9 Pax)


a. Face-to-Face: Up to RM1,300/Day/Pax

b. Online: Up to RM700/Day/Pax

3.  Certification Program


Course Fee Quoted By Certification/Examination Body.

Select HRDF Claimable Programs Of Your Choice

In-House Program



Tailored to Your Needs:


Our in-house HRDF Claimable program offers flexibility, allowing companies to select their preferred topics, schedule, and venue. Whether you’re aiming to reinforce your company’s core values or align the training with your organizational direction, we provide a customizable solution tailored to your unique requirements.

Executive Diploma Program



Upskill Your Workforce with International Recognition:


Our Executive Diploma Program is tailored for companies looking to upskill their employees in retail topics while obtaining an internationally recognized qualification within a short timeframe of just three months. Designed to meet the evolving demands of the retail industry, this program equips participants with essential knowledge and skills to excel in their roles and drive organizational success.

Professional Certificate



Deepen Your Understanding of Omnichannel Management:


Our Professional Certificate program caters to companies seeking a comprehensive understanding of omnichannel management, coupled with the opportunity to earn an international qualification in just two months. Delivered through public sessions, this program provides participants with expert insights and practical strategies to navigate the complexities of omnichannel retailing, empowering them to make informed decisions and drive business growth.

Two Options for Delivery:


Face-to-Face Training:

Ideal for companies capable of gathering participants in a single location, our face-to-face training ensures a more personal and engaging learning experience. With direct interaction and in-person collaboration, participants benefit from heightened engagement and a human touch that fosters deeper understanding and connection.


Key Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Engagement: Direct interaction promotes active participation and fosters a deeper understanding of the material.
  2. Personalized Attention: In-person sessions allow for real-time feedback and tailored guidance to address individual needs effectively.




Remote Online Training (ROT):

Designed for companies seeking to train a dispersed workforce across different regions, our remote online training offers the convenience of accessing high-quality education without the need for travel. Through advanced virtual platforms, participants can engage in interactive sessions, collaborate remotely, and benefit from expert instruction from anywhere in the world.


Key Benefits:

  1. Cost Savings: Eliminate the need for travel expenses, saving both time and resources.
  2. Accessibility: Reach geographically dispersed teams with ease, ensuring consistent training delivery regardless of location.

HRD Documentations That You Must Have


1. Course Content

2. Quotation

3. Trainer Profile


If you engage with SHRA, we will provide you all the documentations for HRDF Claimable Course (including detailed guideline for your HRD application)

Did You Know…?

hrdf claimable
hrdf claimable
hrdf claimable
hrdf claimable

Thinking How To Plan For Your HRD Corp Long-Term Trainings?

To save cost, SHRA does provide a long-term package (100% HRDF claimable) that suits your needs and budget.

Our programs offering is based on HRD Industrial Framework, where competencies and skills gap of Retail and Food and Beverages industry are identified. This was jointly developed by Malaysian Productivity Nexus and STC Wholesale & Retail, which covers these industries:

Specialized and non-specialized stores

with focus on retail :

  1. Customer Care
  2. Retail Operation
  3. Visual Merchandising
  4. E-Commerce
  5. Marketing & Branding
  6. Merchandising
  7. Receiving

Food & Beverages :

  1. Service
  2. Beverage
  3. Kitchen
  4. Sales & Marketing
  5. Management

To further explore HRDF Claimable, refer to  HRD Corp IndSF Document.

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