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Leadership 2.0 - Leading others to Perform

Leading others is a Priviledge not a Right

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Offline & Online
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Leaders who understand that leading others is a privilege understand that leading first and foremost, is about service. Having the skills to lead others is one of the basic fundamental to be a great manager and leader of today. In this case, one needs to have the right knowledge, skills, competencies and understanding of how to engage and build trust among the team in order to master the skills of leading others. Besides, leading others also means that from "me" to being "we", just like a quote from an ex-military man once said "Real leaders forget about themselves and instinctively react in the interest of their team".


Managers and above, Area Managers, Outlet Managers and above 


By the end of this training program, participants should be able to:

  • Manage the team more effectively in day to day activities
  • Describe the value of qualities in directing group conduct
  • Understand the differences between personal leading and leading as a team



Knowledge Skills Attitude
  • Knowing the importance of relationship as a Leader
  • Aware of the challenges in leading others
  • Understanding the principles of “EBA”
  • Aware of the common problems in giving feedbacks
  • Learn the meaning of leading others
  • Utilize the “EBA Model”
  • Incorporate the steps to increase the EBA of others
  • Practice the empathic listening
  • Apply the ways of giving feedback to others
  • Implement the steps in praising
  • Aware that leading others need to start from having good relationship
  • Recognize the willingness in doing task is important
  • Realize the changes in the leading styles
  • Avoid being apathy towards certain tasks and people.




  • Relationships with others
  • Introducing EBA
  • Withdrawal VS Deposit
  • Common problems in Emotion
  • Promote strong EBA
  • Common Practices of Selfishness
  • Use of Six Paradigms of Human Interaction
  • How to think plentifully?
  • Having a Balance Courage and Consideration??????
  • Create a consideration of WIN-WIN
  • What are the common paradigms in Empathic Conversation
  • Types of Autobiographical Listening
  • Ways to tackle the filtering of what others say through their perspective
  • Introducing Empathetic Listening
  • How to Share Your Point of View with Respect and Openness
  • Know How to Respects Others First, then Getting Respect in Return
  • Ways to earn Respect from Others
  • Importance of Leading by Example

Value of Praising Others

  • Leading the Team VS Leading the Individuals
  • Leading VS Managing
  • Understanding Teams and Group Dynamic
  • Characteristic of High Performance Team
  • Use of Transformational Leadership
  • Cause and Effects of Difficult People
  • Techniques in Handling Conflict
  • Feelings VS Emotions
  • Challenges in Handling Conflict
  • Types of issue in Handling Difficult People
  • Develop Future Leaders
  • Common Problems in Finding New Talent
  • Map Out the Vision for Future Leader Team