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3:00pm - 3.30pm
The New Retail Evolution
Modern E-Commerce System

3.30pm - 4.00pm
Case Study of Senheng Seamless Business Solution 

4.00pm - 4.30pm
E-Commerce Operation Solution
E-Commerce Website & Google Analytics

4.30pm - 5:00pm
E-Commerce Automation Solution

5.00pm - 5:30pm
Customer Relationship Management

2.5 Hours Online Course | 30th Jan 2021 | 3:00pm - 5:30pm
2.5 Hours Online Course | 30th Jan 2021 | 3:00pm - 5:30pm

Are you a business owner who wants to understand how E-Commerce Automation Solutions can help you to manage your business more effectively at a lower cost? 

There are so many types of e-commerce platforms, which one should you choose?

In this program co-created with Mr KH Lim, Group Chairman of Senheng, you will be gaining deep insights into how to automate your e-commerce business with the right tools that covers a wide scope including CRM, analytics, automatic ordering and payments, plus convenient multi-platform product management.

As Part 1 of the 'Advanced Seamless Business Solutions' program; this 'E-Commerce Automation Solutions' program is your next step to bring your business to the next level. 


- Owners and key persons involved in e-commerce businesses
- Retailers starting their e-commerce or enhancing their e-commerce


By the end of this course, the participants will be able to;

  1. Understand the impact of E-Commerce automation solutions by exploring case study of Malaysia’s no. 1 Consumer Electronics Retailer’s “New Retail Transformation Journey”
  2. Rethink and redesign the retail experience for your customers
  3. Grasp the functions of each E-Commerce automation solutions and how to harness it in your business advantage






  • Recognize the concepts and components of New Retail
  • Understand the functions and efficiency of the 10 key E-Commerce solutions
  • Understand the difference between E-Commerce system and modern E-Commerce system
  • Learn to choose the right modern E-Commerce system to grow your business
  • Recognize and understand types of problems most retailers face in E-Commerce
  • Adopt new automation solutions to improve the efficiency of your business processes
  • Become a forward thinking leader that embrace New Retail transformation that will move your retail business forward
  • Adopting a best practice transfer from Malaysia’s No.1 consumer electronics retailer’s case study to your retail business




  • What have changed in the Retail World?
  • What is New Retail? Is Your Business Multi-Channel or Omni-channel?
  • Senheng’s Digital Transformation Roadmap
  • The Omni-channel Customer Journey
  • Case Study of Senheng Seamless Business Solution
  • Why Most Businesses Fail to Transform Digitally?
  • E-Commerce Business Models
  • Types of E-Commerce Platforms and How to Choose?

a) Product Information Management (PIM)

  • Are You Selling Hundreds of Products the Hard Way, Current Practice of Managing PIM and why do We Need Transform PIM?
  • The Optimal Solution for Managing Multiple Products

b) Marketplace Hub

  • Challenges of Managing Stores Across Multiple Marketplace
  • The Impact of Real Time Data on Retailers Response Time and Sales Results 

c) Sales and Promotion

  • Headaches of Manually Managing Operations of Sales and Promotion Across Marketplace
  • Scheduling and Attracting More Customers in Price Sensitive Marketplace
  • How do Retailers Analyze E-Commerce Website Performance?
  • Tracking Customer Behavior with Google Analytics Solution
  • Case Study: Senheng Results in Measuring E-Commerce Performance Using Google and Facebook

a) EC Auto Order Processing

  • Grave Mistakes Every Retailer Need to Avoid during E-Commerce Order Fulfilment
  • Eliminating Business Process Friction Through Automation

b) Auto Payment Matching

  • Manual Payment Matching Risks to Retailers
  • Solution for Accurate and Easy Payment Matching that Empowers Millions of Payment Matching and Reconciliation

c) Accounting Connector

  • Organizing Transactional Data from One System to Another to Fulfill Regulations
  • Accounting Connector – Filling In the Missing Link in Your Business

a) Member Registration App

  • Member Recruitment, Keeping Customers Closer to Your Business
  • How to Drive Membership Signup Seamlessly

b) Member Reward and Point Redemption

  • Increasing Sales Conversion with Member Rewards
  • Retaining Customers With a Win-Win Solution

c) Member Utility App

  • Covering All Communication Touchpoint in Your Customer Journey
  • Case Study: Senheng App



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