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  1. Customer click on the “PROGRAMS” menu at the top banner of the Home Page
  2. Customer click on the program of interest, click on “ENQUIRE NOW”
  3. Fill in company and PIC details
  4. SHRA will contact PIC for a meet up to understand training needs and finalise the on-boarding process
  5. SHRA will issue an account login to customer upon successful on-boarding
  6. Customer login into the SHRA website with provided login details
  7. Click on the “PROGRAMS” menu at the top banner of the Home Page
  8. Click on the program to enrol, click on “ENROL NOW”
  9. Key in the City/Town of the training, select the date preferred, select the no. of pax, select the language preferred, submit
  10. The invoice will be sent to customer registered PIC email
  11. Complete the payment process to confirm enrolment:
    • Instant online payment – payment status “Done”
    • Manual payment – SHRA update status “Done”
  12. The receipt will be sent to customer registered PIC email
  13. SHRA to confirm with customer on availability of training venue:
    • If yes, customer to send photo to SHRA for suitability assessment
    • If no, SHRA will advise the training venue
  14. Customer upload the participants name list at least 2 days before the training date
  1. Payment can be done via credit card, instant bank transfer, or cheque.
  2. For instant payments such as credit card and instant bank transfer, the sign up will be deemed as confirmed.
  3. For payments with float such as cheque or GIRO, the sign up will be deemed as confirmed when funds have been received.

Please sign up at least 14 working days prior to your preferred training date to ensure complete sign up process and full training needs understanding.

Yes, SHRA imposes a fixed rate of RM250 for locations outside of Klang Valley in West Malaysia and RM500 for East Malaysia.

  1. Click on the “PROGRAMS” menu at the top of Home Page
  2. Click on the program of interest
  3. Click on “ENQUIRE NOW” button
  4. We will contact you for a meet up to understand your training needs.
  1. Yes, first identify a program is most closest to your needs and follow the steps below:
  2. Click on the “PROGRAMS” menu at the top of Home Page
  3. Click on the program of interest
  4. Click on “ENQUIRE NOW” button
  5. We will contact you for a meet up to understand your training needs.

Every program has different requirements to maximise training effectiveness. Please refer to the specific program outline in the “PROGRAMS” page to know the ideal no. of pax per batch.

During the registration process, SHRA will arrange a meet up appointment with you. During the meet, SHRA will understand your training needs and introduce the tiers for your consideration and confirmation.

No, SHRA does not collect the full training spend commitment upfront. SHRA will prepare a 12 months contract with you containing the training credit commitment, and you only pay as you sign up for training programs over the next 12 months of your contract.

In the event that you do not reach the required commitment, you will be required to pay the balance in full as penalty fee.

In the event that you have exceeded the required commitment, during the remaining months you can still continue to enjoy the existing benefits.

Yes, SHRA training programs are registered with HRDF, so you may do so.

Sorry, we do not practise a refund policy. However, we are happy to assist you to change to another training program that might be better suited to your needs.

Yes, just login with your account credentials into the SHRA website and re-upload the participants name list via your account page.

Yes, SHRA will send e-certificates for all participants upon completion of a training program.

  1. Yes, one of your benefits with SHRA is you will have access to a report dashboard via your account page. You will be able to access and export various forms of reports and data that will be relevant to you such as avg spend, attendance rate, participants test performance, participants composition, etc.
  2. Platinum tier clients have a further enhanced benefit of being able to customise the report and data displayed in their account page.

Retail training refers to a series of programs and courses designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills specifically for the retail industry. When done right, retail training is able to help your organization develop talent, eliminate the skills gap, upskill staff competencies, improve staff morale and reduce turnover. This indirectly leads to better productivity, better collaboration and communication, higher copmversions rates that spells better profits for the organization. 

Retail teamwork refers to the collaboration and synergy between everyone in the whole retail organization from HQ Management to sales representatives to provide value for the customer. Teamwork not only take the shape of employees working together to process customer orders, but it also could be employees working separately to achieve common goals. For example, in a convenience store, one employee can focus on stocking shelves and receiving inventory, while a second employee can remain at the register to process customer transactions; or HQ management communicating with the store manager regularly to manage inventory so that stock is always sufficient.