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Career Development

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Offline & Online


4-8 Hour Intensive Course


Conducted in BM & English Adaptive




Self Management: Discover What Drives You

Self Management 2

a. To build confidence and present a good first impression
b. To handle questions and complaints from customers effectively
c. To build ability to handle unexpected situations

Being The True Self


My Actual Self and Ideal Self
Activity: 1 Million Cash
16 Basic Needs
Case Study: Ziha and Will Smith


Confidence & Impressions


  • IT film and The Story of the monk and the businessmen
  • Spotlight Effect
  • Confident Body Language
  • Internal and External Validation


Handling Complaints And Special Scenarios


  • Handling Customer Complains
  • Different Methods In Handling Different Situations
  • Case Study: Kak Long 7E
  • STAR Method

Motivation And Goals To Achieve Success


  • Story of 2 Frogs
  • The Goal Of Your Life
  • SMART Goals
  • Mapping Out Your Dream Life”

Business Etiquette

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a. Demonstrate proper etiquette towards customers

b. Internalize the principles of Business Etiquette

c. “WIN” through customer loyalty and introductions

  • Practice the principles of proper etiquette.
  • Is Etiquette Important In Business?
  • First Impressions – Creating A Lasting Impact
  • Identifying dress code for different business occasions
  • Establishing Credibility Through Etiquette

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