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Our Company Culture Training Is Suitable For

  • Store Salesperson
  • Cashiers
  • Operations Assistants/ Executives
  • Executives
  • Store Supervisors/ Store Managers
  • Area Managers
  • Managers/ Senior Managers
  • Head Of Departments

Senheng Story

The Senheng Story jpg

a. Describe the 3 main crises that Senheng has gone through during its early establishment and the strategies that Senheng used to overcome those challenges.
b. Identify the 3 main identities that enable a business to achieve long-lasting success and differentiate themselves from competitors.
c. Understand the impact of digital transformation on cost reduction and its ROI for a business.
d. Leverage on different strategies to empower and develop the human capital in your business to create a team that willingly stands by your side to fight for your mission.

The Humble Beginning

The Founding Story Of Senheng
Characteristics Of Senheng That Drives Its Success
The 3 Major Crisis In Its Early Establishment


DNA of Senheng Culture


  • VMB – The Secret Force Behind Lasting Success
  • The Business Compass: Mission Identity
  • Senheng 6 Culture Pillars


Technology Adoption 


  • 4 Main Areas Where Technology Drives Business
  • Improving Business ROI With Digital Technologies
  • The Seamless Business Model For New Retail Transformation


The People of Senheng


  • Are Your Employees Willing To Fight For You?
  • Effective Talent Development Opportunities For A Company
  • Senheng’s Unique Franchise Program

Work life Pressure and Organizational Culture

workplace pressure and em jpg

a. Identify and minimize work pressures to cultivate a healthy working environment
b. Ability to perform work under pressure with an optimistic mindset
c. Influence team members and customers with a positive organizational culture

Managing Stress


  • 4 Sources of Stress
  • The New Norm – Stress
  • Identifying Burnout
  • Eustress vs Distress



Managing Conflict


  • The Power Of Thoughts
  • Wheel Of Choice
  • Internal Dialogue Case Study
  • Managing Emotions From Stress


Components Of Culture


  • 5 Components of Culture
  • Activity: The Pirate Ship
  • Case Study: Organizational Culture
  • Importance of Good Working Culture


Sustaining Culture


  • Senheng’s Culture Pillars
  • Building Organiztional Culture
  • Consequences Of Bad Culture
  • Maintaining Organizational Culture

Senheng Culture

Company Culture 6

a. To understand the key pillars of Senheng and integrate in worklife
b. To develop characteristics that fit into Senheng Culture
c. To recognize own self values and align them with work values

Senheng Mission


  • Story Behind Senheng Mission
  • Starbucks Mission Statement
  • How Senheng Create Better Quality Of Living?
  • My Action Plan


Lovers Economy


  • DNA Of Senheng Culture
  • How Senheng Wants To Be Seen?
  • What Is Lover Relationship?
  • How Are You Practising It?


DNA Of Senheng Culture


  • Senheng’s Slogan
  • How Senheng Stand Out From Others?
  • Activity: Practicing Senheng Culture
  • What Are Our Roles?



Living Senheng Culture


  • Core Values Of Senheng
  • Finding Your ‘Why’ In Your Work
  • Senheng Chairman’s Story
  • Template: Aligning With Company Values

Senheng Trainee Partner Program

Senheng Trainee Partner Program jpg

a.To understand company’s milestones & culture
b.To pass probation by fulfilling requirements by practicing Senheng’s Customer Service standard
c.To gain product knowledge through successful Gemba Walk
d.To recognize different types of warranty and the right techniques in selling

Session 1


  • Company’s Important Milestones
  • Senheng’s Seamless Model
  • Company’s Background & Directors
  • Culture Of Senheng 
  • Senheng & SenQ Structure
  • Company’s Uniqueness With CSR 
  • Basic Job Requirements
  • HR Policies
  • Knowing Your Neighbours
  • Senheng’s Standard In Grooming & Greeting 
  • Giving A Professional Impression 



Session 2


  • PlusOne Membership
  • Duties To Gemba
  • Best Working Attitudes 
  • Showroom Cleanliness 
  • Tamnpin Concept 
  • Small Item Home Appliances
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Personal Care Appliances
  • Types Of Warranty, Service & Repair
  • 3-Steps In Selling
  • Active Listening Skills
  • ABCD Technique  

OSHA Awareness

OSHA Awareness jpg

a. Identify the types of workplace hazard and workplace hazard management.

b. Describe the elements of emergency response plan (ERP)

c. Construct an evacuation plan.

Session 1


  • The Importance of Health & Safety
  • Safe Workplace Leads To Happy Employees
  • Definition, Types & Causes  of Hazard
  • Factors Leading to Workplace Hazard
  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
  • Elements Of ERP 
  • Hazard & Risk Assessment
  • Handling Fire

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