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Our Customer Service Training Is Suitable For

  • Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Executive
  • Salesperson
  • Cashier
  • Driver
  • Logistics Officers
  • Customer Service Executive


Service As Culture

HRDF training

a. To understand the significance of first impression in customer service
b. To practice a customer-first attitude with a constructive mindset
c. To recognize conflicts when dealing with customers and handle it effectively

Impression Management


  • First Impression In Customer Service
  • 3S In Customer Service
  • Senheng 2G Standard In Customer Service
  • Hygiene & Personal Grooming Journal



Professionalism In Customer Service



  • 3P In Customer Service
  • Professionalism In Customer Service
  • Case Studies: J&T, China Toll Booth Worker, Poslaju
  • How You Do The Right Thing Everytime?



Patience In Customer Service



  • Importance Of Patience In Customer Service
  • Case studies: Karen Dior, Pizza Hut, Foodpanda
  • When Do We Need Patience The Most?
  • 3 Ways To Develop Patience



People First Attitude In Customer Service



  • See Things In The Eyes Of Customers
  • Case Study: 7-Eleven, A&W
  • Senheng Case Study: CRM Programme
  • Using “What If” Technique”

Win Customers H.E.A.R.T.S for Logistics

HRDF training

a. Discover the power of communication in building rapport
b. Explore ways to go beyond customer expectation
c. Learn the skills in winning customers with HEARTS

In the Spirit of Service



  • Customer Service Belief
  • Power of Customer Service
  • Powerful Actions Make the Difference
  • Unspoken Needs
  • Three Keys to Service



Hear, See and Understand



  • Are you Hearing, Listening or Understanding?
  • Power of Communication
  • Four Types of Listening Skills
  • The Elements of Effective Listening
  • Mindful to Non Verbal Cues



Going for Extra Mile



  • Losing Customer is Expensive
  • Three Golden Rule in Service
  • Goes Beyond Pick Up and Delivery
  • Generate Positive “WOM”
  • Simple Action Big Impact



Acknowledge Feedback



  • What Are Feedback?
  • Importance of Feedback
  • Consequences of Ignoring Feedback
  • Feedback is the Breakfast of Champion
  • Customer is The King



Building Relationship with Customers



  • Common Problem in Building Rapport With Customers
  • Bridging Interrelationship Between You and Your Customer
  • How To Be Proactive in Building Connection
  • The Commitment and Trust Theory in Relationship
  • Power of Small Talk



Timely Delivery Service



  • Challenges in Delivery
  • Consequences of Poor Time Management
  • Importance of Time Management
  • Service Recovery with LATE Plan
  • Phrases of Appreciation


Up Your Service



  • What Level of Service Do You Provide?
  • Winning and Losing in the Pit Stop
  • What Make Your Service Important to Your Customer
  • Nice Work! Well Done! Keep it Up!
  • Putting into Practice

Personal Image and Professionalism


a. Know the power of first impression and how it creates impact and improves professional and business effectiveness
b. Gain advantage by developing a confident yet polished professional image to build client-relations, performance effectiveness and to stand out within the organization
c. Build a stronger personal and professional personality towards attitudes, mannerism and appearance

First Impression


  • The correspondence of self-perception and perception from others about us
  • Common mistakes when one portrays oneself
  • People’s expectation of us – mental picture
  • Expectations shape one’s relationship with others
  • The elements of first impression – visual, vocal & verbal



S.E.N Approach – Power Of Smile


  • The importance of smiling in servicing others
  • The relationship between smiling and positive emotions and feelings
  • Different types of smiling in different situations
  • How to show a genuine smile?
  • How smiling can lead to closing sales?



“S.E.N Approach – Eye Contact


  • Eyes are the “window of the soul”
  • Negative consequences when eye contact is absent
  • Importance of appropriate eye contact
  • 80/20 rule when making eye contact
  • How to tackle awkward eye contact?



S.E.N Approach – Neatness


  • What is considered as neat in the company?
  • What are others’ expectations in terms of neatness?
  • Positive results of being neat and tidy
  • How to enhance personal tidiness and neatness?



Body Language – Hand Gestures


  • Visual stimuli is the primary information received by majority
  • Aware of the habitual bad hand gestures
  • Appropriate hand gestures when serving customers
  • Differentiate between open and closed hands and arms gestures
  • Positive and negative effects of hand gestures



Body Language – Intonation


  • The role intonation plays when greeting customers
  • Positive and negative feelings arise with different intonation
  • Common mistakes when exercising intonation
  • Consequences when inappropriate intonation is performed
  • Different intonation is required in different situations



Body Language – Posture


  • What is posture?
  • Posture says a lot about oneself
  • Common bad postures seen in salesperson in store
  • Negative consequences when negative postures are portrayed
  • The relationship between one’s confidence and positive postures



Personal Hygiene


  • Germs are everywhere and inevitable
  • Consequences of poor personal hygiene including diseases
  • What is considered hygienic in the company?
  • Aware of own personal hygiene
  • Proper ways of exercising personal hygiene

Collaborative Communication


a. Understand the power of words in terms of communicating meaning, understanding and experience to others and ourselves
b. Influence and persuade others using rapport building, sensory information and etc
c. Learn more about their colleagues in which a more efficient and flexible working environment is created

Introduction To Collaborative Communication


  • What is collaborative communication in workplace?
  • The elements in achieving effective collaborative communication
  • Importance of collaborative communication
  • Common mistakes when starting a two-way communication
  • Negative consequences if communication in workplace is not bidirectional


The Leading Edge Listening Skills


  • The power of listening skills
  • Variations of interpretation from different receivers
  • How to become a good listener?
  • The art of listening
  • Hearing what is not being said

Questioning Model


  • Setting up anticipation using questions
  • The power of a good question
  • Changing statements to empowering questions
  • How to construct a sequence of questions to get to a particular result?


The Power Of Words


  • Enhance the power rating and intention of communication
  • Impact of words in communication
  • Synthesize thought and speech into one process
  • Understand different sizes of word chunks
    Functions of different chunk size in achieving distinct goals


Communication Models


  • What is the Milton Model?
  • When to use the Milton Model?
  • What is the Meta Model?
  • Functions and roles of the Meta Model in communication
  • Components of the Meta Model

Thought Reframing


  • What is framing like in communication?
  • Types of information frames
  • Functions of each information frames
  • When to use each frames?
  • Ways to reframe thinking


Persuasion And Influencing Skills


  • What are the elements to persuade others?
  • Are you a trusting person?
  • Rapport skills for creating cooperation from others
  • Key skills that are vital in gaining cooperation
  • Using persuasion and influencing skills for leading oneself and others to achieve personal goals

Careline Customer Engagement

Careline Customer Engagement jpg

a. Describe the importance of customer service
b. Define techniques in dealing with difficult situations
c. Set call center standards and manage stress in workplace

Customer Service Philosophy


  • Define customer service
  • Two important criteria in customer service
  • Element of a good customer service
  • Who is your customer
  • Five customer service tips


Importance of Telephone Etiquette


  • Creating lasting first impression
  • Body language matters
  • Using positive language and tone of voice
  • Do and Don’t etiquette
  • A positive attitude is everything


Excellence Phone Service


  • Principle of “Active Listening”
  • Five techniques in active listening
  • Principle of “Questioning”
  • Five types of questioning skills
  • What in it for me


Handling Difficult Situations


  • Six steps to control a complaining caller
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • How to stop the abusive caller
  • Top mistakes to avoid as a customer service
  • What to do when you make  a mistake


Developing Call Center Standard


  • What is standard
  • How standard is created
  • Identify roles and responsibility
  • Creating measurable standard
  • What else to measure


Managing Yourself and Your Customer


  • Techniques in calming yourself and customers
  • Five forbidden points when handling to a complaint
  • Identify types of stress in work
  • Skills in managing stress
  • Importance of time-management

Handling Angry and Distressed Customers

Handling Angry and Distressed Customers jpg

a. Understand the Principles of Excellence Delivery Services
b. Manage reaction processes developed when handling an angry and distressed customers
c. Formulate strategies to calm different types of angry customers
d. Differentiate trigger phrases and polite phrases suitable in handling angry customer
e. Integrate different approaches and plans to appease different types of customers

Intro to Handling Angry and Distressed Customer


  • Understand the logic behind customer’s distress
  • The emotional journey of an angry customer and its triggers
  • Develop awareness on consequences of not handling angry customers
  • Benefits in handling angry and distressed customers


Logistic Service In Retail Industries


  • Comprehend value-added logistic service is universal issue
  • Compare the needs and importance of providing value-added services during delivery process
  • Understand the strategies used by top retail companies in providing value-added services


Angry Customers Simplified


  • Identify the emotional journey of handling angry and distress customers
  • Recognize potential types of angry customers
  • Assess the characteristics and suitable strategies for each type of angry customers


Customer Anger DEFUSE Technique


  • Recognize principles in handling angry and distress customers
  • Analyze the phases of DEFUSE technique
  • Establish a foundation of proper phrases to calm an angry customer
  • Comprehend phrases to avoid in calming an angry customer
  • Integrate DEFUSE technique into calming angry customers

Elevate Your Customer Service

HRDF training

a. Understand Your Personal Values
b. Understand Customer’s Needs and Requirement
c. Discover The Moment of Truth and The Moment of Impact

What Do You Have To Offer?


  • What is customer service
  • Importance of customer service
  • Who is your customer


The Customer Experience


  • What is Customer Experience
  • Good vs Bad customer experience
  • How customer experience is created
  • Dealing with customer expectation
  • “Outshine” than others


Understanding the Key Value in You


  • Identify own goals in life
  • Explore core values in “YOU”
  • Importance of identifying own values
  • How your values impact your work and your life
  • Why values important for “YOU”


Treat Your Customer like a “LOVER”


  • How emotion affect our buying behavior
  • Importance of Service Recovery
  • Treat them like your LOVER
  • 4B’ techniques to increase customers’ trust
  • Simple secret to retain customer

Understanding your Customer Expectation


  • Understand the customers’ expectations
  • Understand why and how those expectations were created
  • How expectations influence customer’s perception towards the service they receive
  • Determine some ‘moments of truth’ in service line
  • Identify ways to exceed customer’s expectation

Moment of Impact


  • Service above basics
  • Understanding the impact of “WOM” in customer buying decision
  • Do the “Unexpected” to surprise your customer
  • The “Moment of Impact”
  • Looking to Exceed Customer Expectations


Improving your Customer Service


  • What can I do
  • Practice make perfect
  • Action plan for future improvement

WOW Customer Service

HRDF training

a. Explain how customers are moving around in this New Retail environment and understand the importance of having multiple touchpoints for our customers.
b. Master the magic formula to build rapport with your customers fast so that they will have trust in you.
c. Leverage on storytelling skills to build emotional connections with your customers.
d. Utilize the LAST formula to handle any customer complaint or difficult customers effectively and convert them to become your satisfied customer.

New Retail Customer Journey


  • What is the New Retail Customer Journey?
  • Case Study: Senheng’s CRM Programme
  • WOW Report Card
  • WOW Customer Service Characters



2G Senheng Grooming Standard


  • Displaying the Right Service Mentality at Work
  • 3V in Customer Service
  • The Magic Rapport Building Formula
  • Being Empathic in Customer Service


Creating Lovers Economy Through Care & Service


  • Back to Basics in Customer Service
  • Winning Customers Hearts with 3Es
  • Storytelling in Customer Service
  • Using Analogy to Create Curiosity


Difficult Customer and Customer Loyalty


  • Satisfied Customers vs Loyal Customers
  • Creating Emotional Connections with Customers
  • LAST – Handling Customer Complaint Effectively
  • Suzy Welch’s 10/10/10 Method

Customer Service Management for Store Managers

HRDF training

a. Make use of technology to keep track of customers’ data to customize service
b. Find out the importance of Customer Lifetime Value to understand customers
c. Develop a personal action plan to improve customer service skills for your team

What Is Customer Service Management


  • Demanding Customers
  • Case Study: Amazon
  • Customers Behavior In New Retail
  • Assessing Sales Partners’ Grooming & Greeting Standard


Know Your Customers


  • Case Study: Starbucks
  • New Retail Customer Journey
  • Senheng Case Study
  • Customer Lifetime Value


Customer Service As A Strategy


  • Senheng Case Study
  • Collecting Data For CRM
  • TM Case Study
  • Manager Action Template


Leading A Customer Focused Team


  • Promoting Understanding
  • Case Study: Tesla
  • Tools To Get Buy In
  • The Power Of Because”

Customer Excellence DNA


a. Identify the foundation of Customer Excellence DNA

b. Explain the importance of Customer Excellence DNA

c. Practice communication strategies in achieving superb customer service

d. Recognize the customer journey and buying habits

  • What is Customer Excellence DNA
  • Secret To Overcome 7 Billion Customer Fears And Rejection
  • Understanding Elements of Customer Excellence DNA
  • Customer Success VS Customer Experience
  • Establishing Expertise. The Power Of First Impressions.
  • What Do Customers Desire From Us?
  • Developing a customer centric culture

Star Cashier: Mindset

52 jpg

– To implement a growth mindset, addressing challenges faced and identifying causes of negativity in the workplace. 

– To establish positive habits to enhance mindfulness, goal setting, and overall well-being for sustained personal and professional growth.

– Mindset Assessment Profile quiz

– ASK Technique to change mindset


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