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  • Logistics Manager
  • Logistics Officer
  • Salesperson


5S for Warehouse

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a. To understand the benefits of implementing 5S in the workplace
b. To organize work area for effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace
c. To implement techniques and strategies for productivity improvement

Introduction To Productivity


  • Cleanliness & Productivity
  • The Effect Of Messy Work
  • Factors Affecting Work Processes
  • Signs You Need To Implement 5S”


Core Of 5S


  • 5S Concept Of Good Housekeeping
  • The First Step – Sort (Seiri)
  • Case Study: Torque, NIFT
  • The Second Step -Set In Order (Seiton)


Putting 5S Into Practice


  • Activity: Stack
  • Routinely 5S Routine Self-Assessment
  • Work Process Standardization
  • Tips To Shine Your Workplace”


Keeping Up With 5S 


  • Personal Habits That Affect Team Productivity
  • How To Change A Habit?
  • Secret Of Habit Formation
  • Activity: 1 2 3 Count! “

Lean Warehouse Management 101

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a. Understand business process and operations from a general management perspective.
b. Learn tools, analytical frameworks and general principles for managing operations.
c. Enhance capability to identify inefficiency and ineffectiveness in business operations and propose adequate minor changes or major redesigns to improve the process.

Fundamentals Of Operational Management


  • Organization and its functions
  • Magnitude of control in an organization
  • Managing through factors that affect control amplitude
  • Managers expectations VS job description
  • Unified command system and its impact to organizations’ stability


Authority And Operational Excellence


  • Unified command system and its impact to organizations’ stability
  • Case study of Mr. Zhang
  • The 3 principles of authority
  • How to strike a balance between authority and responsibility


Managing With Diplomacy


  • Communicating with diplomacy throughout the hierarchy levels
  • Identify level stakeholder’s level of power and influence in your role
  • Run stakeholder analysis to identify current vs. desired level of stakeholder engagement
  • Develop a stakeholder communication plan with “Mendelow’s Matrix”


Management Benchmark


  • Avoid work frustration with control management
  • Work elements to benchmark standards and control
  • Steps to formulate operational benchmark
  • Ways to gain willingness and commitment to achieve benchmark with team members


Tools For Operational Control

  • Tools of control for ongoing operational activities
  • Overcome over control and insufficient control in management
  • Using reports for accurate control
  • Attitude of management in operational control

Inventory and Asset Management

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a. Execute asset management effectively
b. Provide accurate information for decision making when handling asset
c. Improve the current records and tracking systems

Introduction To Asset Management?


  • What is asset management?
  • Why asset management is significant?
  • The value of asset management to an organization
  • The asset management “paradigm”
  • Introduction to the main principles of asset management


The Main Principles Of Asset Management


  • Applicability of the principles of asset management
  • The role of asset management principles in managing a broad cross section of asset types
  • The “Value Added/ Level of Service” principle
  • The “Life Cycle” principle
  • The “Failure” principle

Financial Audit


  • Why audit?
  • Who is responsible for this?
  • Random stocks audit
  • Full audit
  • System and documentation audit


X Stocks Management


  • What is X stock?
  • Regulations when managing X stocks
  • Importance of clearing x stocks
  • X stocks with no full accessories
  • The process of x stocks management


Slow Movement Stocks Management


  • Which is considered as slow movement stocks?
  • Auto Replenish System set
  • Reasons of slow movement
  • The complete process of managing slow movement stocks


Stocks Orders


  • The three alternative methods to request stock
  • When to do manual request?
  • Why manual request is not encouraged?
  • Common mistakes when ordering stocks
  • The full process of stock ordering

Auto Replenish Transaction (ART) Settings


  • What is ART setting?
  • ART set models
  • Product Display Guide Chart
  • Do’s and don’ts for ART setting

Service As Business

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To enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in the service industry by providing logistic officers and drivers with essential skills for seamless coordination and effective communication.

1. Techniques to liaise with customers using customer-centric way.

2. Premium and Friendly Delivery

3. Communication skills to provide clear, friendly, and helpful interactions with customers during the last mile delivery process.

4. Professional Appearance & Cleanliness

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