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  • Head of Departments
  • Managers/Senior Managers
  • Store Supervisors/ Store Managers


Master Your Thinking In Disruptive Environment

Personal Development for Retailer

a. Master and apply the 4 big thinking skills to become a highly effective and successful individual at work.
b. Recognize the key mistakes millennials are making at work which affects their level of satisfaction and motivation at work.
c. Leverage on strategies to build better rapport, become more persuasive and influential at work to obtain buy-in easily from others.
d. Manage expectations better at work to obtain higher job satisfaction.

Millennials at Work


  • The Reason Why People Stay In A Company
  • 5 Millennials problems in workplace
  • Common Workplace Conflicts And Strategies To Overcome Them
  • Understand Your Personality And Leverage On Strategies To Work Effectively With Different Personalities


Thinking Skills of Successful People – Big Picture Thinking


  • Is The Earth Round Or Flat
  • Big Picture Thinking Vs Our Own Point Of View
  • Case Study: Grab And Senheng
  • Applying Big Picture Thinking To Overcome Workplace Frustrations


Thinking Skills of Successful People – Possibility Thinking


  • The Cooking Mania: Working With Different Ingredients
  • Successful People Winning Psychology
  • Case Study: Huawei And Senheng
  • The Candle Problem: Why Can’t We Achieve More?


Getting Leadership Buy-In for Your Vision


  • Using The Two Thinking Skills To Overcome Problems And Obtain Leadership Buy-In
  • Obtain Agreement Through Chunking Technique
  • NLP Communication Techniques For Persuasion And Influencing
  • Connecting The Dots With Your Team Members”

Plan, Organize, Lead and Control

HRDF Claimable Training- Management

a. Understand the core management concepts required to effectively manage and align your team members to your team goals.
b. Create Kaizen ideas to eliminate waste and optimize resources in the organization.
c. Build an army of Kaizen practitioners by cultivating the right Kaizen mindset in your team.
d. Standardize Kaizen initiatives to achieve sustainable results.

Management Concepts


  • The Early Origin of Management
  • 4 Core Management Concepts
  • Starting with Self in “Management
  • The 5 Keys to Your Goals


8 Waste in Workplace


  • Analyze the Problems
  • 8 Types of Office Waste
  • Identify Waste Using Pareto Principle


Creating Kaizen Ideas


  • Developing the Countermeasures
  • Key Elements in Kaizen
  • Case Study: How Senheng Removes 8 Waste in Modern Management
  • 4 Steps to Remove Waste in Business


Plan, Document & Share Countermeasures


  • 3R in Resource Planning
  • Morale and People Management in Kaizen
  • Document and Share Kaizen Improvements
  • Case Study: Sonae MC

Effective Use of PDCA & 5W1H Root Cause Analysis

Kaizen PDCA

a. Recognize the key principles of PDCA
b. Understand the objectives of PDCA
c. Explore and practice PDCA mechanism in real work situations
d. Able to identify wrong PDCA approach and make corrective measurements
e. Apply the best practice in PDCA cycle

Introduction to 8 Principles of PDCA


  • Plan: Principle 1 (Customer Focus) & Principle 2 (Leadership)
  • Do: Principle 3 (Involvement of people), Principle 4 (Process approach), Principle 5 (System approach to management), Principle 6: Mutually beneficial supplier relationships
  • Check: Principle 7 (Factual approach to decision making)
  • Act: Principle 8 (Continual improvement)
  • Importance of planning


PDCA Cycle


  • Objectives of PDCA
  • Understand the Japanese concept of “Kata” to mirror Toyota’s successful practices of true continuous improvement.
  • Unseen Routines Behind Toyota’s Success
  • The four stages of Kata:Understand the Direction, Grasp the Current Condition, Establish the Next Target Condition, PDCA toward the Target Condition.


PDCA Approaches and Applications


  • Step-by-step Guide to PDCA Report Writing
  • Components of PDCA Report
  • Example of PDCA Report
  • Do’s and Don’ts for an Effective PDCA Report

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