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Office Productivity Training

Study Type

Offline & Online


4-8 Hour Intensive Course


Conducted in BM & English Adaptive



Our Office Productivity Training Is Suitable For:

  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Sales person
  • Head of Department
  • Logistics Officers


Conversational English for Retail

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a. Apply correct English at the workplace
b. Use everyday terms and phrase accurately
c. Minimize and eliminate colloquial English
d. To practice basic English
e. To be motivated to speak in English
f. To adapt English in daily transactions
g. To apply English in practical situations

Introduction to Common Everyday Phrases


  • Understand the common greetings and introduction
  • Ways to give recommendation and suggestions
  • The use of polite words in rejecting and advising
  • Ways to express opinions and ideas in a professional manner


Level Of English


  • Knowing Formal and Informal English
  • Common problems in Malaysian English
  • The difference between Slang and Dialect
  • Ways to eliminate the colloquial English


Constructing Sentences


  • Parts of speech
  • Listen and Practice common conversations at work
  • Using “person”, “place”, “thing”, “Idea” in sentences
  • Describing things and people (pictorial composition)
  • Example: Funny, slim, thin, neat, sad, fast, tall, round, steady, comfortable, fishy, pretty, handsome


Conversation Practice


  • Starting a conversation
  • Developing speaking confidence
  • Improve our pronunciation
  • Simple and useful phrases to use


Questioning and Probing


  • Conversational starter questions
  • Asking Permission
  • Asking for Opinion
  • Responding to questions and small talks

Basic Excel Skills

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a. Describe benefits of using Excel in the workplace
b. Apply various types of formatting for professional looking reports
c. Create a report using basic formulas, pivot table and graphs
d. Identify common mistakes in Excel

Introduction to Excel Spreadsheets


  • Benefits of using Excel
  • Understanding different types of ribbon
  • Navigating different excel sheets
  • Format worksheets by selecting fonts, altering alignments, adding patterns and border
  • Saving and printing functions
  • Practice Session: Setting up professional looking excel files”



Basic Formula & Functions


  • DO’s and DON’Ts of Excel Formulas
  • Basic Calculation: SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX, MIN
  • Basic Formula & Function: IF, LOOKUP, VLOOKUP, Filter, Sort
  • Practice Session: Creating simple sales inventory report



Create Pivot Table & Simple Graphs


  • Organize and analyze data using Pivot Table
  • Visualize data using basic charts and conditional formatting
  • Practice Session: Inventory comparison between different regions



Practical Excel Hacks


  • Top mistakes to avoid in Excel
  • Practice session: Diagnosing your Excel formulas
  • Bonus Functions: CONCATENATE, PROPER, Freeze cells, Find and replace function

Impressive Presentation Skills

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a. Present with clarity and conviction.
b. Organize presentation with appropriate structure.
c. Design attractive and interesting presentation slide.

The Fear Of Presentation


  • Identify the level of global fear that associated with presentation
  • List the 3 factors that lead to fear of presentation
  • Explain the consequences that cause by fear of presentation
  • Review the reason why most presenter failed to create impressive presentation due to fear.
  • Introduce the 4 methods to create impressive presentation



Clarity Of Content – The 3ps Approach


  • The importance of self-introduction
  • Review the common way to do self-introduction
  • Why do we need others to remember our name?
  • Explaining the 3Ps approach
  • Create high impact and memorable self-introduction by using 3Ps approach


Clarity Of Content – The Rules Of Bbc


  • Why do we need to structure our presentation?
  • Learn to start a presentation with a “Boom”
  • Review the rules of BBC
  • Explain how to structure presentation by using the rules of BBC
  • Understand how to conclude a presentation with a “Bang”



Type Of Presenter

  • Understand personal presenting style
  • List the difference between 4 type of presenters.
  • Review the strengths of 4 type of presenters.
  • Describe the area of improvement of 4 type of presenters.
  • Determine the best presenting style.


Visual Aid –The S.C.M Approach


  • Understand the importance of visual aid
  • Identify the difference between poor presentation slide and great presentation slide
  • Introduce the S.C.M approach on creating presentation slide
  • Explain how to create attractive presentation slide by using S.C.M approach
  • Describe the connection between S.C.M approach and rules of BBC



High Confidence Level – 3pm Method


  • Understand why high confidence level is needed in presentation.
  • Explain the issues that cause low confidence level during presentation.
  • Review 3PM method on building high confidence level.
  • Describe the common mistake made when applying the 3PM method
  • The diaphragm breathing technique



High Confidence Level – Intonation & Hand Gesture


  • Why grabbing audience attention is important during presentation?
  • Power of intonation
  • Techniques for controlling 4 type of intonation
  • 3 famous hand gesture that help audience to understand your main point easily.
  • Common mistakes to avoid when using hand gesture”

Time Management and Prioritization

time management and prioritization jpg

a. Find out how to approach the planning process, set objectives and develop to achieve objectives
b. Learn new approaches in planning and time management to improve efficiency and productivity in workplace
c. Adopt appropriate strategy in delegation to the right people at the right time and in the right way

Understanding of the Plan


  • What is planning?
  • Why planning is needed?
  • Understanding the objective and goal
  • Elements in planning
  • Importance of planning


Managing Time


  • Value of time management
  • How are you spending your time
  • Ways of saving time
  • Time utilization (20-80 rule)
  • Delegation


Time Management and Goal Setting


  • Differences of Goals and Objectives
  • Writing goals objectives
  • Using questions to judge your objectives
  • Prioritizing
  • 4 techniques on how to effectively set your goal


Personal Time Line and Task Management


  • What is your personal time line?
  • How to achieve your goal using timeline visualization
  • How your personal time code influence your productivity
  • Stop procrastination
  • 2 minutes rule


Time and Productivity


  • Efficiency vs effectiveness
  • Urgent vs important
  • Category of urgency
  • The 7 most destructive time wasters
  • The 7 keys to effectiveness and productivity


Importance of Delegation


  • Why delegate?
  • Consequences of not delegating
  • Types of delegation and pros and cons of each type
  • Importance of delegation in workplace success
  • 6 steps delegation process


Delegation Strategy


  • Common problems in delegation
  • Barriers to delegation
  • 4 effective delegation skills
  • Micromanagement
  • Monitor and Control

Management: Kaizen for Work Improvement and Operational Process

HRDF Claimable Training- Management

a. Equip with techniques in building a Kaizen mindset
b. Understand 3 main elements of Kaizen in improving the status quo
c. Use Kaizen to attack cost, defects, cycle time and other waste for improvement

Kaizen Philosophy


  • What is Kaizen?
  • Why is it necessary to have Kaizen
  • 2 elements of Kaizen
  • Science behind small and continuous improvement
  • 3 keys of Kaizen


Building a Kaizen Mindset


  • Lean vs Kaizen
  • Lean Kaizen in 21st century – Problem solving and improvement tools
  • Understanding waste
  • 5 types of waste
  • Elimination of wasteful activities




  • Point of improvement
  • Importance of reorganization
  • Element of organization chart
  • Focus of the organization review
  • Strive for excellence


Improvement of Job Structure


  • What is job assignation?
  • Importance of assigning job
  • 5 process of job assignation improvement
  • Job improvement with 5W1H
  • Job enlargement vs Job enrichment




  • What is Standardization
  • Important of having standards
  • Types of standard
  • Consequences of having no standard in workplace
  • Starting with PDCA


Working Way Improvement


  • Why do we need to improve?
  • Necessity of having benchmark
  • 5 process to develop a benchmark
  • 5 process of working ways improvement


Operational Process Improvement


  • Improving the operation process
  • Setting priority
  • Analysis of the selected job
  • Analysis of the current situation
  • 5 fundamental ideas of improvement

Productivity: PDCA for Workplace

productivity management jpg

a. To understand basic principles of productivity
b. Able to develop Kaizen PDCA mindset to improve productivity
c. To utilize right strategies and decision making skills to improve work productivity

Introduction To Productivity


  • What Does Productivity Actually Means
  • Importance Of Productivity
  • Effectiveness Vs Efficiency
  • Personal Productivity Ratio


Time Trap


  • Post Pandemic Life Of An Employee
  • 3 Steps To Do When Receiving Tasks
  • Fastline To Productivity
  • Case Study: Azizul Awang
  • Strategies To Enhance Productivity


Decision Making


  • How Decision Making Affect Productivity?
  • Decision Making Pyramid
  • How To Prioritize Important Decisions
  • Body Chronotype


Showing Potential


  • Productivity = Promotion?
  • What Your Boss Actually Wants
  • Case Study: Senheng Super Executive
  • The Spotlight Effect


Introduction To PDCA


  • What Is PDCA
  • PDCA Game Plan
  • Reducing Boss Burden
  • Executing PDCA with 3R


PDCA Principles


  • 8 Principles Of PDCA
  • The Kaizen Journey
  • Activity: Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs
  • Application Of The 8 Golden Principles


Where To Start In The PDCA Process?


  • Kaizen Eyes in “Abnormalities”
  • Key Steps in PDCA
  • 5 WHY Method in Finding Root Cause
  • Activity: Why Analysis


What Constitutes A Good PDCA Report?


  • Documenting Improvements with 5W2H
  • Checking Effectiveness Of Actions
  • 5 Why Method in PDCA Report

Pyschology of Time Management

time management jpg

a. Recognize and celebrate the contributions of frontline staffs.
b. Understand our own personal concept of time.
c. Feel more in control and organized by having a structured mental schedule.
d. Utilize the right strategies to master time and achieve maximum effectiveness.

Frontline Staff – Who Are They?


  • Who Are Frontline Staffs?
  • Celebrating Frontline Staffs
  • Are You Going Through A Time Crisis?
  • The Need for Speed In Today’s World

Concept Of Time


  • Why Does Time Seem To Go Fast Or Slow In Different Situations?
  • The Importance Of Our Biological Clock
  • Dopamine And Our Internal Time Clock
  • Secrets of Psychological Time


Timeline For A More Structured Schedule


  • In-Time vs Through-Time People
  • Trade Timelines Using Active Imagination
  • Create A Structured Mental Schedule With Timeline
  • Outcomes Of Using Timeline To Coordinate Tasks


Building A More Focused Mind 


  • 4 Quadrants of Attention Management For Productivity
  • Strategies To Improve Attention
  • Maximize Your Energy Level By Knowing Your Peak Time
  • The Pomodoro Technique

Power of AI and ChatGPT For Work Productivity

33 jpg

a. Recognize the impact of AI, including ChatGPT, on work productivity and discover specific ways to enhance efficiency and streamline tasks for improved productivity.

b. Gain an overview of ChatGPT, its capabilities, and limitations, enabling participants to make informed decisions about its usage and effectively manage expectations.

c. Identify common mistakes when using ChatGPT and learn strategies to avoid errors, ensuring accurate and reliable outputs for improved productivity.

d. Develop effective communication techniques with ChatGPT, including formulating clear instructions, asking relevant questions, and interpreting and utilizing ChatGPT’s responses to enhance productivity and collaboration.

  • How AI Influence Our Work?
  • Overview of ChatGPT, its capabilities and limitations
  • Mistakes To Avoid Using ChatGPT
  • Effective Communication Techniques With ChatGPT 
  • Research With ChatGPT, Brainstorming ideas with ChatGPT, Email writing with ChatGPT, Improvise Grammar with ChatGPT, Simplify Content with ChatGPT, Better Sales Communication with ChatGPT
  • How To Use ChatGPT To Sound Like A Human Than A Machine

Mastering the AI Managerial Toolset: A Deep Dive Into ChatGPT

Program Cover jpg

a. Understand AI’s impact on the modern workplace and explore ChatGPT’s disruptive capabilities.

b. Enhance workplace productivity through ChatGPT integration and problem-solving practices.

c. Master prompt engineering techniques to revolutionize AI conversations and improve reliability.

d. Harness ChatGPT’s power for brainstorming, creative problem-solving, and mitigate associated risks.

  • ChatGPT Introduction: Disrupting the Modern Workplace
  • AI and Modern Workplace Productivity Transformation
  • Prompt Engineering: Revolutionizing Conversations with AI
  • Brainstorming and Creative Problem Solving with ChatGPT
  • Data Dilemma with ChatGPT: Navigating the Risks and Concerns

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