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Performance Management

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Offline & Online


4-8 Hour Intensive Course


Conducted in BM & English Adaptive




Goal Setting and Implementation

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a. To get 29 % increase in closing sales
b. Willingness to commit
c. Improve product knowledge
d. Improve confidence

Session 1


  • HR Policy
  • Commission Scheme
  • De Focus Partner Ranking
  • Self Introduction & Rescue Sales Self-Commitment
  • Self Assessment for Sales
  • Session Goal Setting
  • Improvement Action Plan


Session 2


  • Planning for Sales Success
  • Getting Results, Not Excuses
  • What Makes You Different?
  • Sell the Moon to Me
  • Why Should I Buy From You?
  • Understanding A Strategic Sales Plan with P1 Loyalty Program
  • Creating Unique Selling Propositions and Value Selling Strategies
  • Goal Setting


Session 3 


  • The Art of Communication
  • Trust & Rapport Building
  • Objections – Preventing/Responding
  • The Double A + 4A Steps in Sales Objections
  • Accept & Acknowledge – The Objection
  • Analyze – The Objection
  • Answer – The Objection
  • Anticipate – The Reply / Answer
  • Acquire – The Sale


Session 4


  • Product Category
  • Product Type
  • Product Need and Use
  • Uplift Product Experience and Product Care
  • Who is Market Leader for this product
  • Easy Substitute for This Product
  • Competitor Analysis of This Product
  • Product Demo and Role Play

Management: Operation and Control Management (MTP 3,4 & 9)

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a. Understand business process and operations from a general management perspective.
b. Learn tools, analytical frameworks and general principles for managing operations.
c. Enhance capability to identify inefficiency and ineffectiveness in business operations and propose adequate minor changes or major redesigns to improve the process.

Fundamentals Of Operational Management


  • Organization and its functions
  • Magnitude of control in an organization
  • Managing through factors that affect control amplitude
  • Managers expectations VS job description
  • Unified command system and its impact to organizations’ stability


Authority And Operational Excellence


  • Unified command system and its impact to organizations’ stability
  • Case study of Mr. Zhang
  • The 3 principles of authority
  • How to strike a balance between authority and responsibility


Managing With Diplomacy


  • Communicating with diplomacy throughout the hierarchy levels
  • Identify level stakeholder’s level of power and influence in your role
  • Run stakeholder analysis to identify current vs. desired level of stakeholder engagement
  • Develop a stakeholder communication plan with “Mendelow’s Matrix”


Management Benchmark


  • Avoid work frustration with control management
  • Work elements to benchmark standards and control
  • Steps to formulate operational benchmark
  • Ways to gain willingness and commitment to achieve benchmark with team members


Tools For Operational Control

  • Tools of control for ongoing operational activities
  • Overcome over control and insufficient control in management
  • Using reports for accurate control
  • Attitude of management in operational control

Productivity Management: Managing KPIs without Micromanaging

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a. To be able to distinguish between activities and Key Performance Indicators that bring productivity
b. To inculcate in the staff a sense of commitment to the organization’s Key Performance Indicators
c. To instill the staff the sense and ability to discern what is correct and right for the Company and themselves

Introduction To Productivity


  • Elements In Demand 2022
  • Being A Busy Bee
  • Case Study: Busy Manager
  • Performance Vs Activities




  • Defining Employees’ Productivity
  • Job Specific Productivity Vs Performance
  • Identify & Stop Micromanaging
  • Factors When Managing Employees


Optimizing Resources


  • How To Measure Employee Productivity
  • Agreeing On Parameters And Resources Required
  • Accentuating KPI Goals And Objectives With Rewards System


Performance Improvement


  • Feedback For Performance Appraisal
  • Developing Through Feedback
  • Activity: Can You Build It?
  • Value Of Feedback


Workplace Issues & Improvement


  • Common Workflow Issues
  • Improving Workflow Efficiency
  • Case Study: Google’s Productivity
  • Enhances Productivity With Mindsets


Managing Communications


  • Being In Control At Work
  • The Role Of A Manager
  • Streamlining Workflow
  • Designing Automated Workflow


Being Accountable At Work


  • Checklists: Accountability At Work
  • Activity: Timed Challenges
  • Case Study: Productivity To Work Quality
  • Template: How To Make Employees Accountable?


Productivity Ninja


  • Largest Roadblock To Productivity
  • Becoming A Productivity Ninja
  • Case Study: Intel
  • Measuring Productivity

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