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Our Retail Management Training Is Suitable For

  • Store Manager
  • Franchisee
  • Manager
  • Executive
  • SME business owner in the retail industry


Retail Operation 101

Retail Management

a. Understand the benefits of franchisee entrepreneurship vs starting a new business.
b. Recognize and harness the “Qi” that flows through the 4 different levels in an organization.
c. Utilize the right strategies to increase store power and drive more traffic.
d. Leverage on sales and promotions to increase customer’s RFM.

Essentials In Retail Operations


  • What is Retail Operations?
  • Elements of Retail Operations Success
  • Common Challanges in Retail Operations
  • Case Study: Best Practices in Effective Retailing”


The Humanity (Qi) In Business 


  • 4 Levels of “Qi” in a Business
  • Building Right Team Culture
  • Hiring Tips to Own a Winning Team
  • Quick Guide to Manage Staff Discipline


Shop Front Management


  • Inventory Management to Create the Right ‘Qi’ in Your Shop
  • Drive Customers Traffic with Product Freshness
  • The 3 Types of Store Display
  • Do’s and Don’ts in Product Display


Sales And Promotion To Drive More Sales


  • The Equation of Shop Sales
  • 3F Sale Concept to Increase Sales
  • Strategies to Sustain Customer Base
  • Improve Gross Margin and Be More Profitable

Retail Management: Store Productivity Metrics

Retail Management

a. Perform analysis on store financial and operational health
b. Understand the various factors affecting P&L
c. Get the team together to boost store productivity

Retail Condition and Branding Power


  • Case Study: Retail Giant Boundaryless Retail Strategy
  • How to Create Your Apple Level Brand Power
  • Differentiation Strategy


Product Supply Power


  • Understanding Retail Supply Chain
  • Essentials of Retail Manager
  • Case Study: How Huawei Manages 3Ps?
  • Case Study: How Senheng Utilizes 3Ps
  • Store Manager Practice


Technology Power


  • Retailers Must Meet Technology Savvy Level of Customers
  • Emerging Retail Technology
  • Case Study: JD Technology Power


Experiential Power


  • Case Study: Panasonic
  • Enhance Shopper Dwell Time
  • Case Study: JD Experiential Power


Evolution Of Retail


  • Retail: The Oldest Industry In The World
  • The Evolution Of Social Media


Retailing Changes Pattern


  • Wheel Of Retailing
  • Case Study: Tesla
  • Case Study: How Faber Castell
  • Types of Retail Shop Format
  • Create A Strategic Sourcing Map


Factors Affecting Wheel Of Retailing


  • Changes On Economy
  • Changes On Technology
  • Changes On Consumer Lifestyle
  • Changes On Retailing
  • Strategy Of Business


Retail KPIs


  • Importance Of Retail KPIs For Managers
  • 4 Key Retail KPIs
  • Case Study: Xiaomi & Walmart”

Retail Management: 4 Drivers of Exponential Growth

Retail Management

a. Recognize the current retail condition and trends
b. Apply the best store manager practices
c. Identify the winning strategies of top retailers like JD, Faber Castell, Tesla
d. Set the retail KPIs to maximize business profits

Introduction To Productivity Management


  • What Is Productivity
  • Life Of An Occupied Manager
  • Goal Setting For Productivity
  • Tools To Improve Productivity In Store


Achieving Store & Staff KPI


  • Your Store Operations & KPI
  • The Divide Method
  • Importance Of KPI
  • KPI To Be A Retail Doctor


Operations & Financial Projection


  • Financial Projections And Analysis
  • Assess Financial And Operational Health
  • Tips For Profit & Loss Analysis
  • Practice Analysis


The Human Factor


  • Win-win: Hire or Retrain?
  • Case Study: HaiDiLao
  • Handling Non-Productive Employees
  • Importance Of Teamwork To Boost Store Productivity

Managing Profitability Of Franchisee Business

E Learning Platform Cover 4 jpg
  • To understand why it’s important for your store to match the company’s main goals and culture to make more money in the long run.
  • To identify how to use your store’s brand and grow your business to bring in more customers and make more profit.
  • To identify all the costs of running your store and find ways to handle these costs well to keep your store profitable.
  • To learn how to look at your store’s spending and find smart ways to spend less without making your customers unhappy.
  • Planning and Doing: Get better at making and following through on plans to make your store well-known and to expand your business.
  • Looking at Numbers and Spending Wisely: Improve your ability to look at money matters and find where you can save money without compromising quality.
  • Building Good Relationships with Customers: Learn how to keep your customers happy and loyal, encouraging them to visit your store again/
  • Running a Franchise Store: Understand everything about running a franchise store, including legal stuff, how money works, and daily operations.
  • How to Handle Money Well: Learn about different kinds of costs in running a store and how to manage and reduce these costs.
  • Making Customers Happy: Learn the best ways to make sure customers have a great experience in your store, making them want to come back.

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