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Strategic Planning

Study Type

Offline & Online


4-8 Hour Intensive Course


Conducted in BM & English Adaptive



Our Strategic Planning Training Is Suitable For

  • Head of Department
  • Area Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Manager
  • And other managerial position


Leadership: Leading Business Strategies and Goals

HRDF training

a. Select and define problems, assessing their wider consequences and impact
b. Take informed decisions and feel comfortable dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity in decision making
c. Identify realistic solutions to achieve continuous improvement
d. Apply a creative approach in the development of solutions

What Is A Problem?


  • What is a problem, really?
  • How do you know when it is time to address a problem?
  • Key skills of enhancing awareness to problems
  • Prioritizing a problem
  • Problem focus vs solution focus


Root Cause Analysis


  • What causes the problem?
  • Use the Ishikawa or Fishbone Diagram for identifying root causes
  • Solve the root problems and many others at one go
  • Solve root causes lead to long term solutions
  • The importance of using root cause analysis


Evaluate And Select Solutions


  • How to decide which problems to address?
  • Pro’s and Con’s
  • Using SWOT in analyzing the solutions
  • Force field analysis
  • The Pareto Principle


Implement Solutions And Create An Action Plan

  • Create an action plan
  • Break solution into action steps
  • Prioritize actions and assign roles
  • Follow-up at milestone


Power Tips In Problem-Solving And Decision-Making

  • Restate problems as questions
  • Questions of logic in critical thinking
  • Separate ideation from evaluation
  • Use “Yes and” to expand ideas
  • Ask “12 What Elses”


Goal Settings


  • What are goals?
  • Long term vs short term goals
  • Get connected with your goals
  • Incorporate problem-solving and decision-making skills to achieve goals
  • Leading people to goals according to own DISC personality

Retail Management 2.0 – Retail Market Positioning and Strategy (ARMC)

HRDF Claimable Training- Retail Management

a. Recognize the current retail condition and trends

b. Apply the best store manager practices

c. Identify the winning strategies of top retailers like JD, Faber Castell, Tesla

d. Set the retail KPIs to maximize business profits

Retail Condition and Branding Power

  • Case Study: Retail Giant Boundaryless Retail Strategy
  • How to Create Your Apple Level Brand Power
  • Differentiation Strategy


 Product Supply Power

  • Understanding Retail Supply Chain
  • Essentials of Retail Manager
  • Case Study: How Huawei Manages 3Ps?
  • Case Study: How Senheng Utilizes 3Ps
  • Store Manager Practice


Technology Power

  • Retailers Must Meet Technology Savvy Level of Customers
  • Emerging Retail Technology
  • Case Study: JD Technology Power


Experiential Power


  • Case Study: Panasonic
  • Enhance Shopper Dwell Time
  • Case Study: JD Experiential Power


Evolution Of Retail 


  • Retail: The Oldest Industry In The World
  • The Evolution Of Social Media


Retailing Changes Pattern

  • Wheel Of Retailing
  • Case Study: Tesla
  • Case Study: How Faber Castell
  • Types of Retail Shop Format
  • Create A Strategic Sourcing Map


Factors Affecting Wheel Of Retailing


  • Changes On Economy
  • Changes On Technology
  • Changes On Consumer Lifestyle
  • Changes On Retailing
  • Strategy Of Business


Retail KPIs


  • Importance Of Retail KPIs For Managers
  • 4 Key Retail KPIs
  • Case Study: Xiaomi & Walmart

Retail Management 3.0 – Bulletproof Marketing Tools for Retail (ARMC)

Retail Management

a. Understand and implement the various factors that go into the success of visual merchandising
b. Facilitate effective in-store point of sale displays
c. Plan creative and innovative in-store retail mini events

Shop Layout – Visual Presentation


  • “What is visual presentation in retail industry?
  • The importance of visual presentation
  • Check list of zoning layout
  • Attractive features of the products that customers experience at hand-on displays
  • “7 Tools to Win””


Shop Layout – Point Of Purchase


  • What is POP?
  • The consumption process and point of purchase
  • Points of information provision
  • The effects of point of purchase
  • “Product Cone” in arranging information
  • Point of purchase layout”


Shop Layout – Item Presentation


  • Item presentation in retail
  • What is the good and not-so-good item presentation?
  • What customers really want?
  • How to attract customers’ attention?
  • Check list of presentations”

52-Week Events


  • Why not big events?
  • Why are 52-week event plans required?
  • The advantages of holding 52-week events
  • 52-week event planning steps
  • Key points of holding events”


How To Improve The Mini Events?


  • What else can be done for mini events?
  • Customers’ expectations on the events
  • How to enjoy at the shop?
  • Using events to connect with customers


Create Your New Shop Display – Customers’ Viewpoints 


  • 3 major speculations of marketing practices
  • The GAP analysis
  • What’s the trigger of chance-making?
  • Innovation workshop
  • Basic duties of sales staff to reduce customer complaints”


Create Your New Shop Display – Operating Process


  • Viewpoint “Causes of poor sales
  • Losses in operation
  • Types of losses at shop
  • Innovation workshop

Business Direction: Strategy To Execution

Business Direction Strategy To Execution jpg

a. Examine and align goals with the new company business direction
b. Establish key components in achieving team goals and building capabilities
c. Identify foundations to strategic thinking and executing strategies
d. Create holistic action plan to carry out strategies

Session 1


  • Essence of Strategic Thinking
  • Secret Success Formula
  • 4DX Strategy Execution Concept
  • Discipline Vs Goals
  • Overcoming constant whirlwind
  • The Power of Scoreboards
  • Process Hacker for Execution
  • Action Plan For Execution

Business Finance

business finance jpg

a. Explain Manager’s Role In Business Model

b. Understanding Store’s Income Statement, Balance Sheets Statements & Break Even Analysis

c. State The Store’s Revenue And Expenses

d. Examine Strategies That Contribute Store’s Break-Even

Session 1


  • Understand The Company’s Business Model
  • Manager’s Role In Company’s Business Model
  • What Is Influencing My Store Income? 
  • Store’s  Property And Debt 
  • Relationship Between Sales, Operating Expenses And Investment Modal
  • The Secret To Shop Profit – Break-even Analysis
  • Hacks To Minimize Expenses And Maximize Revenue
  • Store KPI And Store’s Profitability

Platform Business Model (Part 1 + 2)

Platform business model jpg

a. To understand concept of platform strategy and user experience 

b. To leverage on internet thinking for omnichannel business

c. To cultivate customer data and traffic thinking

Session 1


  • All About Platform Business Model
  • How Platform Will Impact Brick And Mortar Store?
  • Case Study On Successful Platform Strategy And Importance On Customer Experience
  • Create Strategies In Winning Platform Era


Session 2


  • Data Thinking For Operation, Prediction And Conversion
  • Daily Habits To Cultivate Data Driven Business Decisions
  • Traffic Thinking For Multiplying Effect In Sales
  • Case Study On Driving High Traffic To Stores

Masterplan 1.0

E Learning Platform Cover 5 jpg

a. Becoming a part of organizational strategy and aligning new goals
b. Getting the talent/capability/skill to get the result.
c. DNA transfer and key components of strategy

  • To have every participants state common goals in Senheng to become Winner.
  • To describe the importance of Senheng channels.
  • To express the significance of people and technology in winning.
  • To recognize the superpower that we have in charging forward.

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