HRDF Claimable Training- Teamwork
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Teamwork Training

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4 Hour Intensive Course


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Our Teamwork Training Is Suitable For

  • Store Supervisors/ Store Managers
  • Retail Frontliners
  • Area Managers
  • Head of Department
  • Managers/Senior Managers


Winning Through Teamwork

HRDF Claimable Training- Teamwork

a.Differentiate between Work Groups and Work Teams
b. Understand Team Norms and Rules to Work Together
c. Uplift Team Spirit through Positive Feedback and Acknowledgement

Teamwork in a Nutshell


  • Together We Achieve More
  • Work Group or Work Team
  • Five Dysfunctions of a Team


Building Trust at Work


  • Why Trust Matters
  • What Contributes to Workplace Trust
  • Eliminate Invulnerability with Courage
  • How to Build Workplace Trust


Conflict Resolution and Management


  • Why We Fight
  • Is Conflict Constructive or Destructive
  • How does Conflict in the Workplace Develop
  • Best Practice for Conflict Resolution


Commitment to Work


  • What is Your Current Level of Commitment
  • Different Levels of Team Commitment
  • The Specialist Dilemma
  • Motivate Others to Commit


Examination of Accountability


  • Why Do We Fail
  • Putting a Stop to Social Loafing
  • How to Keep Yourself Accountable
  • Instill a Culture of Accountability


Aligning Team to Collective Goal


  • What is Inattention to Results
  • Leading for Change
  • Set Your Team on the Right Track


Spirit of Squirrel


  • Why Squirrel
  • Squirrel Management Style
  • What Makes Work Important
  • 2 Types of Goals for Worthwhile Work


Way of the Beaver


  • Why Beaver
  • Beaver Management Style
  • Interrelationship Responsibilities
  • Golden Rule for Management


Gift of the Goose


  • Why Goose
  • No Score, No Game
  • Impact of Gift of the Goose
  • Elements of a Healthy Mission

TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More

HRDF Claimable Training- Teamwork
  • Define the aspects of teamwork
  • Explain the importance of trust as a foundation to teamwork
  • State the characteristics of a high performance team 
  • Prioritize team goals and contribute towards the team

Session 1


  • The Fundamentals Behind Teamwork
  • Killer Of Team Performance
  • Team With And Without Trust
  • Embracing & Sharing Values Among The Team
  • Characteristics of High Performance Teams
  • From Small Picture To Big Picture 
  • Contribution. The Balance In Achieving Team Goals
  • Key to Unlock Team Communication Potential

Manpower Management and Teamwork for Franchisee: 5 Dysfunctions of Team

HRDF Claimable Training- Teamwork

a. Acquire basic understanding of human resources knowledge to manage manpower
b. Master right strategies to recruit and retain talents
c. Build high performing team to achieve success together

Franchisee Success


  • Responsibilities of Franchisee
  • Franchisee Success: Human Aspect
  • Case Study: Family Mart
  • Manpower Management Issues


Manpower Management


  • Employee Cycle In Your Store
  • Best Practice For Interviewing
  • Onboarding Plan For New Employees
  • Basic HR knowledge


The 5 Dysfunctions Of A Team


  • Team Management
  • Absence of Trust
  • Fear of Conflict
  • Lack of Commitment


Maximizing Teamwork


  • Avoidance of Accountability
  • Inattention to Results
  • Gung Ho Team
  • 3 Aspects Of A Gung Ho Team

Super Sales: Team Power

HRDF Claimable Training- Teamwork
  • Planning and Executing a Successful Retail Operational Strategy for Consistent Results To Achieve Super Store.
  • Mentoring and Inspiring Others Through Sales Leadership.
  • Team GOALS techniques
  • Moving Up The Career Ladder to TM and Franchisee

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