Visual Merchandising

Study Type

Offline & Online


4-8 Hour Intensive Course


Conducted in BM & English Adaptive



Our Visual Merchandising Training Is Suitable For

  • Salesperson
  • Store Supervisors/Managers
  • Retail Executives


Store Display 101


a. Arrange the showroom with an appropriate display.

b. Identify the ways to keep the showroom clean and tidy.

c. Recognize the correct attire to wear in a showroom.

Showroom, Your Domain

  • Physical showroom vs online shop
  • Differentiate between physical showroom and online shop
  • Why do we need physical showroom?
  • Sense of sight
  • Type of customer expectation
  • Importance of showroom display


Showroom Cleanliness and Hygiene


  • The objective of cleanliness and hygiene in showroom
  • How did cleanliness and hygiene affect customer experience?
  • Cleanliness is the key for showroom safety
  • Checklist of cleaning task
  • Method on creating checklist of cleaning task


 Retail Display Management


  • How to organize a showroom?
  • Space management
  • Price tag arrangement
  • Product display
  • Showroom environment


Appearance and Grooming Standards


  • What is workplace attire?
  • The importance of workplace attire
  • Male attire
  • Female attire
  • Do and don’t when wearing workplace attire.


Duty Roster


  • The purpose of duty roster
  • Why do we need a duty roster for showroom?
  • Types of duty rosters (DFS)
  • The differences between the 3 type of duty rosters
  • The method to create a proper duty roster


Simulation Activities


  • Buy Online vs Buy In-store
  • Messy Showroom
  • Puzzle: Memory Testing
  • Personal Appearance
  • Organize Your WORK

Premium & Luxury Visual Merchandising And Selling


a. Practice excellence and meeting expectation in premium product market

b. Demonstrate service that provide unique experience to serve premium clientele segments

c. Understand key success factors of aesthetic visual merchandising

  • Grab Eyeballs in Merchandising Display Area for Premium Products
  • 9 P’s of Luxury Brands vs General Brands
  • Different Types of Customers in Luxury Classification
  • 10 Parameters to Meet Premium Customer Demands

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