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SHRA combines real successful case studies and the latest knowledge to create effective training programs specifically for the Malaysian retail industry addressing various elements from retail management such as inventory, manpower, sales, supply chain, succession and leadership, crisis and risk, presentation, digitalisation to New Retail, and more.

What Makes Us Different


  • Starting from the formulation of SHRA training programs outlines, content, and delivery methods; each step is derived using retail thought process and retail needs.
  • Wide range of topics include inventory, manpower, sales, supply & leadership etc.

Industry expertise

  • We combine time-proven application successes from Senheng with the latest knowledge and concepts
  • Senheng is the leading consumer electronics retailer and pioneer in Digital Transformation & New Retail
  • Apply successful case studies from Senheng into the training programs to make it applicable and relevant to the industry.

Real time reporting

Reports are instantly available after training:

  • Attendance Report.
  • Pre-test & Test Results Report
  • Training Evaluation Report

Programs Overview

With 40 programs and more in the pipeline, SHRA is determined to provide the retail industry with a wide range of upskilling programs.


SHRA can also accomodate to your needs for a customised program.

Get in touch so we can meet you to find out how we can help.

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