On Demand Learning: A Growing Lifestyle Trend

On Demand Learning A Growing Lifestyle Trend jpg

On Demand Learning: A Growing Lifestyle Trend

Let’s do a mental exercise, I’d like you to think about an image or a concept when you see the word “Upskilling”. Got it? What picture or idea came out? Chances are like most of us, we picture an image of a classroom or see ourselves sitting at our work desk afterwork looking at our screen for hours to listen to a lecture in order to up-skill.


That mental image we have is the very opposite of what learning and upskilling is supposed to be! The very foundation for our learning is for us to want it and are motivated to do it in the first place. If the image we had is one that gives us dread or makes us feel demotivated, then it is not beneficial at all. This is the very reason why On-Demand Learning has been introduced in the first place, it is because we can learn anytime and anywhere! Instead of taking up our time, it allows us to integrate with our lives to make learning both a fun and exciting journey!


On Demand Learning: A Growing Lifestyle Trend!

  1. Learning LITERALLY at the tip of our fingers!
  2. Duration is no longer fixed but rather a suggestion!
  3. Learning done in a car, in the gym, on a bus, in your home ……


Learning LITERALLY At The Tip Of Our Fingers!


On-demand learning does not require us to head over to the office of a training provider or engage in a call with them to provide them details and schedule a meet or time for the upskilling session. All of this can be done just by taking out our devices, keying our details in at once and selecting whichever course we are interested in straight away, hassle-free. Take myself for example, all I did was take my phone out, grab the Senheng App and press SHRA E-Learning and I am immediately guided to tons of courses immediately!

Hassle-free, easy and most importantly literally at the tip of my fingers! It took me only a short 1 minute to straight away jump into a course I’d like to learn (including scrolling and waiting times!) Instead of spending a 20 minute drive, a 5 minute introduction, a 15 minute explanation of courses and 10 minutes of choosing the right course (which takes up an hour by the way!) why not use 1 minute to filter out all the hassle and immediately feed that hunger to learn just by pressing a few buttons! 


Duration Is No Longer Fixed But Rather A Suggestion!


Ever looked at training and upskilling courses? Then you’d probably be familiar with the time required and needed to complete an upskilling course. The duration there, fixed. We can discuss and adjust but the upskilling and training duration is still fixed to a minimum of 4 hours at one go. On-Demand Learning on the other hand, is broken down into small bite sized chunks that can be consumed in one go (few hours straight) or taken in small intervals (5 – 15 minutes) Even if you are watching a 10 minute video about the principles of marketing, you can always pause it and come back to it if you have something urgent to attend to!

I have gone for both 4 hours straight training and On-Demand Learning courses up to 4 hours. The 4 hours straight training is certainly completed in one day, but I realized I could only remember the first 30 minutes and the last 15 minutes of the session, anything in between is gone! On the other hand, I was able to remember and apply up to 80% of knowledge I gained through on-demand learning! The reason? I was not required to watch through the full 10 minutes of a video when I only had the capacity to watch a 2 minute video! At times when I could watch more, I could watch more courses and stop anytime I felt I was getting close to being overwhelmed! That is the true beauty of a suggested but not fixed duration!


Learning Done In A Car, In The Gym, On A Bus, In Your Home ……


Remember how I mentioned on-demand learning gave us the freedom to start, pause and stop at any given time? Well, this can be applied to anywhere we are as well! I would catch myself watching a short 2 – 3 minute snippet of courses in between my workout sets! By the time I was done with my workout I was also done with about 1 session of the course too! Besides, I believe we are all very familiar with our traffic-prone Malaysian roads. I would whip out my phone and listen through courses while I am stuck in a jam so I don’t get bored out of my mind! 

Much like my personal experiences, I believe many of us occasionally have an awkward amount of time in our hands that we are not sure how to use effectively! Sometimes, we may not even be at places that are conducive for us to do other things but wait. Thanks to on-demand learning, we can actually fill up these times with something productive literally anywhere! So the next time you ever get caught in a jam or have to wait for your friends’ “OTW” sessions, you can use the time to upskill and grow yourself and your career! 


As most of us have seen above, on-demand learning does not require us to take out more time, rather, it helps us fill up our empty spaces, becoming a part of our lifestyle naturally. What’s that? All this talk about On-Demand Learning has got you excited and gearing to try it out? I’ve got the perfect news for you as we have our very own SHRA E-learning Platform. It comes with a career and skill gap analysis to guide you through which courses to take to get that dream job you want! Check out our page or sign up for our e-learning platform here! If you’d like to check out our other programs, feel free to click here.


Written by Bryan Law Chu Zheng,

SHRA Corporate Trainer


Bryan is a member of the SHRA trainer team. He is a major in Psychology with a retail background. He has a deep passion for human interaction and personal development.

You can catch him dancing or playing the uke on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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