On Demand Learning: The Express To Upskilling in 2022

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On Demand Learning: The Express To Upskilling in 2022


If you are reading this right now, chances are you are interested in On-Demand Learning and probably have heard of some mixed opinions regarding On-Demand Learning and other forms of upskilling courses. If you are looking for a decisive voice (or just another set of opinions that you may not have heard) then you’ve come to the right place!


On-Demand Learning has definitely gotten more popular in recent years. This is not solely due to technological advancements but it also has to do with the benefits it brings as compared to its drawbacks. As the title suggests, On-Demand Learning not only provides you with a pathway to upskill yourself faster than other channels, it also has tons of other benefits as compared to its drawbacks. As such, let’s jump in to why On-Demand Learning is the secret express to upskilling in 2022!


On Demand Learning: The Secret Express To Upskilling in 2022

  1. I will follow you … follow you wherever you may go (Convenience)
  2. Can’t pick between a racecar or a tortoise? How about both? (Pace)
  3. Another one… And another one … And another one! (Sustainability)


I Will Follow You … Follow You Wherever You May Go


Remind you of Digi? Well that is essentially On-Demand Learning! The word On-Demand means that you can learn anywhere and anytime you choose! Bored when your partner is having boys/girls night? Kids went to bed early and have too much time on their hands? Have an awkward amount of time on your hands and don’t know what to do with it? All of these can be put to good use with On-Demand Learning Take myself for example, I decided to start off in an ASL course to learn how to communicate in sign language (because it’s interesting to learn another language and why not?) 


I started learning and practicing signs whenever I have an awkward 2 – 10 minutes gap. This ranged from waiting for the decision on where to eat for lunch to heading up to bed a little too early. I started off learning how to sign the basic alphabet and eventually by the end of week one, I could sign “Hi my name is Bryan, and I enjoy buffets”. After one month, I was able to actually do what I call “Sign singing”. I could sign to the song “Way Back Into Love” (My personal all time favorite song). This was achieved with all the tiny 2-10 minute awkward gaps regardless of where I am. Instead of needing to stay at one particular location or attending a particular course at a particular time, On-Demand Learning provides the power for you to learn anytime and anywhere!


Can’t Pick Between A Racecar Or A Tortoise? How About Both?


Obviously the decision is clear, most if not all would pick a racecar over a tortoise (p.s. Not applicable to animal lovers). Essentially On-Demand Learning does not force you to choose whether you want to go through the course fast or slow, you are allowed to be fast and slow whenever you wish and whenever you want! So you would not be bombarded by messages regarding how a very particular owl misses you or how your streak is about to be ended.


As young adults, adults and working adults, we would definitely want to learn new things, skills and knowledge. But we wish to learn at our own pace and not be rushed. Understandably we might be facing a tough day at work, maybe a not so happy gathering, we might not be in the exact mood to learn or may be limited by our own ability to absorb the learning material. 


On-Demand Learning can be done anywhere and anytime, this also means it can be done anyhow and anyway we want. Comparing this to physical based settings or online class settings, we need to prepare ourselves or we would miss whatever is being taught and that certainly would be wasting our resources. For On-Demand Learning however, we can set our own pace to learn faster when we are mentally and physically ready or slow down our pace on days where we might not be ready to absorb as much information. This alone makes all the time we spent with On-Demand Learning worth every moment.


Another one … And Another One … And Another One!


Have you ever faced the scenario where you want someone to repeat what they said but hesitate and just nod awkwardly because they repeated for more than 3 times? Well, me too and I believe everyone too! It becomes awkward as we feel guilty for missing out on what the other person says. On-Demand Learning on the other hand, can be repeated again and again and again and again. The neat part is, you can even pick up from where you left off!


I remember there was once where I took an Advanced Excel Training Course. The instructor was very patient and was very clear with his instructions and explanations. However, as time went on, I started to realize I was a little lost and I had asked him to repeat a few times before, so I dare not ask him to repeat again (in fear of annoying him and wasting my other course mates time). In the end, I only managed to pick up bits and pieces from the training and had to spend an extra 3 hours in total to pick up all the things I missed out on my own!


For my negotiation course I took from the On-Demand Learning course on the other hand, which allowed me to repeat and repeat the same content multiple times until I finally managed to be able to practice the method. Furthermore, whenever I forgot about some basic fundamentals, I could always go back to previous sessions and repeat them. These are the reasons behind why on demand learning is the secret express to upskilling, not only because it is fast, but because it gives us the freedom to learn as much as we want, revise as much as we want and pace ourselves accordingly as well. 


Beyond realizing the benefits and power of On-Demand Learning, next comes which On-Demand Learning Platform to choose, and that is a whole other headache for us to explore. Fortunately, if that is your worries, we got amazing news for you as you can check out our SHRA E-learning platform. It comes with a career and skill analysis to guide you through which courses to take to get that dream job you want!  If you’d like to check out our other programs, feel free to click here.


Written by Bryan Law Chu Zheng,

SHRA Corporate Trainer


Bryan is a member of the SHRA trainer team. He is a major in Psychology with a retail background. He has a deep passion for human interaction and personal development.

You can catch him dancing or playing the uke on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

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