The Inside Story: Senheng RM 229 Million Sales Boost

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The Inside Story: Senheng RM 229 Million Sales Boost

In today’s ever-changing retail landscape, adapting to shifting consumer behavior is the key to success. Malaysian business owners are increasingly recognizing the importance of merging their online and offline strategies to create a seamless shopping experience for their customers. This approach, known as “Online to Offline” or O2O marketing, can yield tangible results and enhance customer engagement.


Click and Pick: Convenience at Your Fingertips

One of the primary strategies in O2O marketing is the “Click and Pick” model. Customers have the option to browse and purchase products online, then conveniently pick them up at a physical store. This convenience is particularly attractive to consumers who appreciate the ease of online shopping while valuing the immediacy of in-store pickup. It’s a win-win strategy that keeps customers engaged across both online and offline channels.


Pre-Order: Meeting Customer Needs in Advance

Pre-order campaigns are a savvy way to generate excitement and anticipation around new products or exclusive offers. By allowing customers to reserve items before they are physically available, retailers can build anticipation and ensure that when customers visit their stores, they find precisely what they desire. This approach not only increases foot traffic but also reduces the risk of products going unsold.


Voucher Strategy: Senheng’s Remarkable Success

Let’s examine a real-life example – Senheng, a leading electronics retailer in Malaysia. Senheng employed the “Voucher Strategy” during their members’ day promotion, offering RM50 vouchers to their loyal customers. The outcome? Based on one of the members’ days in 2023, an astonishing 33.6% conversion rate from member voucher redemption, with a total of 49,966 vouchers transacted in just two months. This resulted in an impressive RM229 million in sales. It underscores the effectiveness of O2O marketing when executed strategically.


In conclusion, the success of Senheng and numerous other retailers in Malaysia underscores the potential of Online to Offline marketing campaigns. As a Malaysian business owner, integrating these strategies can rejuvenate your retail business and enhance customer engagement.


If you’re eager to delve deeper into these modern retail strategies, you may explore our Professional Certificate in New Retail Strategy program. It’s designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to leverage O2O marketing and other cutting-edge techniques in the retail industry. Join us on the path to retail success, where the fusion of online and offline creates a shopping experience like never before.


Written by Nik Nur Azizah

SHRA Corporate Trainer


Nik is a trainer from SH Retail Academy. Her working background focuses mainly on coaching and advising people to focus on team goals and identifying team strengths. Her passion in training and learning led her to join the SHRA team as Corporate Trainer for their mission in helping people learn, progress, and use knowledge that fits retail industry needs.

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