The Missing Ingredient For Every Business

The Missing Ingredient For Every Business

The Missing Ingredient For Every Business

During these trying times, selling our products and services has become tougher and more challenging to do. Despite using technology, the internet, social media and e-commerce platforms, the returns seem to not be as much as the effort spent! What if I were to tell you there is a much easier and more effective matter to attract customers and simplify our efforts? Nope, it’s not techniques to sell our products better or making our posts more attractive, rather it’s how it makes our brand more attractive – A Brand Story!

You might have heard customers complain about price, product selection and options, but never a company or businesses’ brand story. However, that does not mean a brand story is irrelevant, on the contrary, it means a brand story is absolutely needed to truly shift our customers’ mindset of use as a mere “product and service provider” to their “favorite go to brand” for their products and services needs. That’s when we truly move away from talking price and truly talking value.


So, brand story is the missing ingredient for every business…….before they become popular!

Think of all the popular brands such as Nike, llao llao, Honda etc. Most of their brand stories come after they’ve become popular. As such, allow me to share our companies’ brand story as tips for you to start thinking more deeply about your companies’ brand story



We started out as a training department in Senheng focused on training and upskilling employees according to changing trends for the purpose of improving the business and improving the quality of life and work for our beloved employees. One day, our Chairman, Mr KH Lim was given the mission to look into retail productivity of not only Senheng but all Malaysian SMEs. His hopes were to allow Malaysian SMEs to grow and become a strong economic force.

Hence our company SH Retail Academy (SHRA) was formed for that very purpose. We provide upskilling and training to retailers and SMEs in Malaysia by providing insights and valuable information. As Senheng has gone through many ups and downs, we are here to prevent that from happening to you and to maximize the resources you have by guiding you through potential business land mines.



However, in retail, where the market trends and consumer behaviors are consistently changing as well as adapting, a one size fits all training or a theory-based training can never benefit and upskill employees. Furthermore many businesses have realized the continued practice of traditional retail is no longer the way. If an outdated or irrelevant training provider is selected, the information we get may gravely cost us customer retention, upselling opportunities and inaccurate forecasts.

As such, without forgetting the core of our beliefs, we prioritize delivering the most relevant and up-to-date information, processes and skills to employees through our training. We understand that many businesses wish to move away from traditional retail. In light of that, we have dedicated ourselves to constantly update our database and case studies according to the best practices of the market to reduce your struggles in adapting to New retail. We use case studies and scenarios from none other than successful retailers both internationally and locally to provide you a one-stop solution to solve all your retail worries.



In a world of escalating change and growing in complexity, businesses are required to adopt a flexible, adaptable yet strong business model in order to survive. We specialize in providing you and your business fundamental knowledge, skills and training programs centered around creating a seamless business model to enhance your retail approach.

With our 3R Model, we could help you to renew your employees’s mindset, replicate successful business practices and reignite your team’s passion and motivation in the journey of New Retail Transformation.

As such, our various retail based programs are catered to clients and customers’ needs and requirements. This ranges from crafting programs suitable for frontline salespersons to leaders in the retail sector. Our programs are focused on practical application, thus our program includes retail case studies, proven success formulas and up-to-date best market practices for clients’ to begin implementing in their business.

Besides, our programs are centered around employee upskilling. As such, not only do we use industry proven case studies, we adopt psychology proven strategies, theories backed by scientific methodology as well as practice NLP infused techniques to provide a sure-fire success formula for your employees to learn, practice and grow comfortably in this fast retail pace.



We have trained over 140 companies, 3,400 individuals and over 22,000 participants throughout our establishment and we have trained companies such as SpectacleX, Fitness Concept, AIA Public Takaful and so on. Furthermore, we utilize case studies and success formulas from Senheng, Malaysia’s No. 1 Consumer Electronic Retailers In Malaysia and a pioneer in Digital Transformation and New Retail in Malaysia.

Due to this, our programs encompass diverse retail examples and retail needs from various retailing fields to effectively tailor training programs suitable to your specific retail field as well as your company. Our programs focus on retail specific topics such as customer service, sales skills, personal development, leadership etc. To provide a holistic and one-stop solution to your retail training needs.

In addition, our programs are focused on making changes by targeting the root cause at a higher level. By focusing on the employees beliefs, mindsets, skills and behavior, this allows us to not only achieve one or two objectives, but multiple objectives in a single session. Effectively and efficiently using you and your employees time.

Beyond case studies, applications, success formulas and diverse experience in curating retail programs for different fields, we also collect, analyze and provide you instant access to holistic reports immediately after training that includes employee attendance, pre-training and post-training knowledge assessments and training evaluation for a clear update and view of your employee progresses.



With our company brand story as an example, you can craft your very own brand story according to said template. By briefly introducing your companies’ history, the need for your company, a simple statement of the services and products your business provides and the benefit your clients can get from you, you can craft an informative and engaging brand story for your company.

A tip for you when you craft your brand story would be to really dig deep and introduce your companies’ value and personality. Similar to customers’ preferences with products, our brands should also be able to communicate our values to our customers like a person. With that added personality and value, the brand story would be able to successfully shift customer mindset from “price” to “value” instead.

A good brand story would encompass the above items while an excellent one would contain many other aspects and elements in the story. What’s that? You’d like to learn how to create a strong brand story and utilize this retail power? Interested to find out what other programs we offer for you? Well, you can start by visiting our website for more information on the list of programs we offer and stay tuned to tips on improving your brand story!


Written by Bryan Law Chu Zheng,

SHRA Corporate Trainer


Bryan is a member of the SHRA trainer team. He is a major in Psychology with a retail background. He has a deep passion for human interaction and personal development.

You can catch him dancing or playing the uke on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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