Based On Module

New Retail
  • New Retail for Store Manager
  • New Retail Marketing
Retail Management
  • Retail Management for Managers
  • Retail Management for Executives
  • Retail Management for Franchisees
  • Retail Management for Store Managers
  • Leadership for Managers
  • Leadership for Executives
  • Franchise Leadership for Store Managers
  • Leadership for Store Manager
  • Leadership for Non Executive
  • Productivity Management for Managers
  • Productivity for Executives
  • Store Productivity for Franchise
  • Productivity Management for Store Managers
  • Basic 5s Productivity for Workplace
  • Teamwork for Managers
  • Teamwork for Executives
  • Manpower Management and Teamwork for Franchisee
  • Teamwork for Store Managers
Retail Sales Training
  • Sales Skills for Showroom
  • Sales for Telemarketing
Customer Service
  • Customer Service Management for Store Manager
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Service for Cashier
  • Customer Service Standard for Senheng
  • Customer Service for Home Delivery
  • Self Management for Managers
  • Entrepreneurship and Self Management for Franchisee
  • Strategic Self Management for Store Manager
  • Self Management for Cashier
  • Self Management for Workplace Etiquette
  • Self Management For Driver
Company Culture
  • Senheng Culture for Cashier

Based On Positions

Office Based Position

Outlet Based Position


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