3 Key Changes In People’s Expectations Towards Managers in 2022

3 Key Changes In Peoples Expectations Towards Managers in 2022

3 Key Changes In People’s Expectations Towards Managers in 2022

Is the Great Resignation Caused by Covid19?

Many businesses have gone through a huge transformation in the past few years. Who would have thought work from home would be part of todays’ work environment and people who still prefer to buy online even after the physical store are back to business. Similar to the business environment, people’s expectation towards managers has also undergo a tremendous changes.

  1. The Great Resignation
  2. The Downfall of Transformational Leadership
  3. Increased Focus on Swift Decision



Are you aware there is a worldwide workplace crisis called “The Great Resignation” are happening right now?

The term Great Resignation first surfaced in the early 2020 where the pandemic are the most severe in the World. Although many experts at that time only views this just as a short term phenomenon, “The Great Resignation” actually continue to go strong until this day. Bloomberg (2021) mentioned that there is approximate 4.3 million of workers has quit in the midst of pandemic which is an all-time high in the last 20 years.

Was it the managers that caused the great resignation? According to the survey make by the Stars (2021), lack of career opportunities and lack of appreciation or recognition are the top two reason that contribute a worker decision to leave their current workplace. This means that managers need to step up to our leadership role and find creative and fun ways to show employee appreciation and recognition. Here are the 3 questions for leaders to get employees focus back in the company:

  • What is the 2022 growth for your department/company that involves your employees?
  • How do you take care of your employees overall wellbeing? (engagement/appreciation)
  • How can you be involved in your employees’ life goals?



Not long ago, most of the business out there are seeking to be transformational on their business practices, pivot into new strategy for business survival. In the past, transformational leader is view as the most effective leadership approach due to its nature of using the leader’s own charisma to influence their subordinates. However, transformational leadership has started to loss its magic to make positive influence to the subordinates currently.

One of the reason that transformational leader is losing its touch is due to the fact that subordinates that follow the lead of a transformational leader is highly prone to burnout especially at times of radical change like where we are at currently. In this pandemic, many of us might have already changed the way we perceived life and work, how we rank our priorities in life, and even how we react towards a situation. People want to be listen to before they commit. How much a leader get involve to meet the employee’s new perception of work and life would determine the level of new motivation hence grow together as a team.



The market waits for no one. The critical need for operational rigor must start from the top. A manager operates the business with routine flow of work, but a leader works through people enabling faster and informed decision-making. The level of employee accountability multiplies as leaders choose to focus on working with people not task coordination. Some efficient methods to execute swift decisions are One Minute Leader, RAPID Decision Making, and Quick Reporting.


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