• We Can Never Achieve Work Life Balance, Unless…

    We Can Never Achieve Work Life Balance, Unless…

    Work life balance is the big dream and desire for most people, except for workaholics who enjoy working regardless what time or where they are (perhaps, even during holiday). This voice of Malaysians wanting work life balance is substantiated with survey results from AIA survey and KISI studies, that Malaysia is ranked the 3rd most overworked countries (we surpassed Singapore, can you believe?). On average, Malaysians work 15 hours extra per week. 


    And, our government also has put in effort to promote work life balance with the new EA implementation to reduce maximum working hours per week (from 48 to 45) and introduce flexible work arrangement to meet the needs of different working individuals.


    This seems we make good progress to achieve work life balance, isn’t it? But, what is stopping us, really?


    When I started my first job, I went into a fast track management trainee program. From there onwards, I immerse myself in my career (wake up> work> lunch> work> dinner> work/learning>sleep (dream about work). Did I overwork? Yes! Did I have work life balance? Not really. But, I was young and I want career progression. So, I think it is still fine.


    Even after getting married, I still work very hard, as a career woman. And, I forgot that I have additional family commitment, where my life could not just revolve around work. I started to struggle and juggle between work, family commitment and health. Since then, I set my new year resolutions every year in attempt to achieve work life balance.


    But, I did not succeed. And, after much reflections, I came with these realizations that, we can never achieve work life balance unless….

    • We overcome hurdles and potential mind blocks
    • We work on improving our productivity level
    • We choose to be the architect for our life 


    Overcome hurdles and potential mind blocks


    Everything starts with the right belief. If you do not believe it, you won’t do it wholeheartedly. I am a workaholic, I consistently think about work, whenever I am not learning or working, I feel like I am slower than my peers. So, I believe that work life balance = slower progress in life. That’s why I did not take it seriously, even though I came up with many plans.


    Question for you:

    • Do you truly believe in what you want to achieve? 
    • What are your potential mind blocks that stop you from achieving your goals?


    Improving productivity level


    How to do more with less? The faster we finish our work, the earlier we can go home, right? It is pretty simple. 


    “I can never finish my work”

    Do you feel so? Sometimes I have to put aside my fitness plans or family gatherings in order for ad-hoc or urgent work. This is always my top excuse.


    So, if we can never finish our work, means we can either choose to work overtime or choose to leave it to next day. Sometimes, work is urgent, so we need to complete it by the deadline. If this situation persist through a long time, you need to think: Is it productivity or workload issue? Sometimes, it is not the workload problem, but we are just not productive enough, especially you see your other colleagues could have a life but you cannot. You need to seriously consider about ways to make us to be more productive, if you want to have a life.


    Imagine if we could do more with less:

    • Automate process instead of manual process
    • Use 1 hour to complete the task, instead of 3 hours (more focused, less distractions)
    • Less re-work


    When we focus on improving our productivity level, we still can become a ELITE in our company and not affecting our work life balance. 


    Ask yourself these questions:

    • What are the tasks that bring me better work outcome?
    • How can I automate this task, with minimal manual process?
    • What are the goals I want to achieve today?


    Focus on the right thing, and be productive every single day!


    Become the architect for our life 


    Last but not least, remember: You are the architect of your life. You decide how your life is going to be, not your parents, your teachers, your partners. If you ever think “I have no choice”, you are wrong. You choose to breathe, you choose to eat McD, you choose to listen to others’ opinions, you choose not to leave the party. Even thinking that you have no choice is also your choice. If you want to live your life, start thinking about what kind of life you want, and create your own life blueprint. When you truly live, this is where you really achieve your work life balance. 


    To sum it up, whether its achieving work life balance or living a purposeful life, remember these 3 key points: Choose the right belief, Be productive, Decide your life.


    If you are serious to achieve your goals, want to know how to remove your roadblocks to success, interested to learn to boost your productivity levels, wonder how to start to create your life blueprint, come explore all these in our ELITE program. Why not spend 3 hours to kickstart a good 2023? PM us.


    Written by Choon Ee May,

    SHRA Training Manager


    Ee May is a psychology graduate with HR and training experience.  She is passionate in retail training (obviously) and Excel and process automation. She loves to seek for new achievements, like dipping in the ice pool in negative temperature. 

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  • How I Achieved My New Year’s Resolution With E-Learning

    How I Achieved My New Year’s Resolution With E-Learning

    The fact that you are reading this now means you want to become part of that 20% to maintain and achieve your new year’s resolution! However before we begin, I’d like you to take out your resolution list and take a look at those goals! Much like Marie Kondo, we’re going to look through these goals and identify which one of these resolutions spark joy when achieved and which one sparks little to no joy at all when achieved. Let’s take a moment to really focus on the goals that truly spark joy within us before we continue on.

    Done? Now that we have a list of goals that we truly want to achieve and truly spark joy in us in both the end result and the process, we can begin to take a look at how to achieve these resolutions! Allow me to share with you how I managed to achieve my new year’s resolution with the help of E-Learning!

    How I Achieved My New Year’s Resolution With E-Learning! 

    • Build Your New Year’s Resolution Like A Habit!
    • Instead Of All Or Nothing, Try A Little Bit To Something!
    • Don’t Keep It In Our Dreams, Practice It In Reality!


    Build Your New Year’s Resolution Like A Habit!


    I used to belong to that 80% of people that gave up on my new year’s resolution by February. In my mind, when I first started it was smooth and for a purpose, but as time went by, it became clear to me that achieving this goal requires much more than what I initially thought so I gave up. If you are like me, worry not because we can overcome this together! The secret behind it is to not think of achieving the goal but to think of achieving the habit that leads to the goal! Recently I came across this course that talks about goal setting and habit formation on e-learning, and it really put things into perspective for me. So I sat down and began thinking of what habit I needed to have in order to hit the dream body I want! 

    If you are curious about what habit I set, well it is to wake up at 5:15am sharp every morning! You might be thinking this is not related to building my dream body. To that I say, I have been consistently working out till this day when I would normally give up after 3 days. My goal of getting a dream body which seemed far away became having the habit of waking up every morning for my own good! I would sometimes get out of bed without fully opening my eyes, before I knew it, I was already at my family hall, ready to workout. So instead of setting a goal that’s far away, we can begin by focusing on developing a single habit that leads to the process of achieving that goal!


    Instead Of All Or Nothing, Try A Little Bit To Something


    Controversy alert, we don’t have to always go all out to achieve something! There I said it, we really don’t have to make this into an all or nothing scenario! Most of us tend to focus on going all out to achieve our goals or resolutions that we tend to burn our motivation, perseverance and ourselves out! What’s more we might have the tendency to give up on our 20 day streak just because we missed 1 day that ruined the whole plan if we have this mindset! As you have suspected, listening to e-learning courses whenever I drive made me realize this point! The idea is to start small and pick up where we left off or restart when something affects our plan!

    One of my new year’s resolutions is to make sure I spend a balanced amount of time between my friends, family, loved ones, work and myself. In the past, I would catch up with this friend during new year’s and because I missed one reply, I would stop talking to this friend all together until the new year only to reply “OMG it has been soooo long since we talked”. In this new year, my goal remains the same but the difference is the mindset I have now. It’s alright if I miss a day or two and it’s alright if I have to make certain sacrifices to my schedule due to last minute things. What is most important for me is to continue and never stop. No matter how little progress it is or how much I have to restart, as long as I don’t stop, it will go somewhere!


    Don’t Keep It In Our Dreams, Practice It In Reality


    Admittedly one of my goals is to get better at cooking and preparing balanced diet meals for my weight, and to prepare for a special future someone. Yet somehow after 4 years, I never managed to get any better at cooking. Sure I know more recipes now and told myself I would practice during the weekends but it never happened! So what changed? I decided it was time to turn dreams into reality, I decided instead of cooking “when I have free time” I would practice it every Thursday night at 9pm and watch an e-learning course on how to cook better! Whenever I had something that takes up that time, I would compromise, but the next night I would get back to it because I now have a clear picture of how practice cooking looks like in my actual day to day life!

    Every Thursday night I would whip out my phone and look at the culinary courses and look at them while getting my ingredients and tools ready in hand. What I found hard to fit even 30 minutes in the past became something I could do every Thursday night for 1 hour consistently! The reason as mentioned is actually putting it into my day to day schedule. Most of us would think of doing this or doing that when we have free time, but the truth is, we are never going to have free time unless we set the intention to create a free time for us to do the things we want to! It may even be as easy as looking up simple bite size e-learning courses on the topic you are interested in before you head to bed! All it takes is for us to set the intention and the time to do it in the first place and the rest is history!


    In short, it was thanks to e-learning that made me realize the gaps I had when it came to making new year’s resolutions and it even helped me to set up a schedule to achieve one of my longest goals! Of course there are many more tips and tricks for us to achieve our new year goal or even attain a better quality of life within E-learning. After all, it is a site filled with bite size hidden gems for the busy life! Interested in looking up e-learning platforms or courses but don’t know where to start? Fret not, you can check out our SHRA E-Learning Platform by contacting us here where you can have access to over 13,000 courses to improve your quality of life! Beware though, for starting your E-learning journey means you will achieve your goals, so are you ready to achieve them?


    Written by Bryan Law Chu Zheng,

    SHRA Corporate Trainer


    Bryan is a member of the SHRA trainer team. He is a major in Psychology with a retail background. He has a deep passion for human interaction and personal development.

    You can catch him dancing or playing the uke on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

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  • On Demand Learning: E-Learning As A Lifestyle

    On Demand Learning: E-Learning As A Lifestyle

    Chances are you are reading this article on your mobile phone, laptop or even tablet (don’t worry desktop users, we know you’re reading this too!) These wonderful devices take convenience to a whole new level and it is also one of the most crucial tools to help us on our journey to learn and become better ourselves!


    The pandemic has sped up the advancement of our technology and has given us the freedom to choose where we work, how we work and when we work. This has also given us the chance to choose where we learn, how we learn and when we learn! If you’re curious to find out how you can incorporate your upskilling journey into your busy schedule, look no further as we will be sharing how you can make on demand learning a lifestyle for you!


    On Demand Learning: E-Learning As A Lifestyle

    1. Filling up awkward timings!
    2. Making things interesting anytime, anywhere!
    3. A staple for starting the day or ending the night!



    Filling Up Awkward Timings!


    Have you ever had the experience of arriving a little too early to a meet up and are unsure of what to do to fill up the time? Or even arriving on time but having to wait for your acquaintance? If so you are definitely not alone as many of us have friends that often run late, yet this is actually a golden opportunity for us to learn and upskill! Just last week I had to wait for a friend who was running late due to a slight issue with his car insurance. In hindsight, if I had chosen to just sit there and wait, I would have wasted a total of 45 minutes just waiting for him to arrive!


    Fortunately, I whipped out my phone and began looking at some bite size videos and courses rather than just sitting and waiting! By the time he arrived, I had already earned two certificates in new retail and the Netflix experience from SHRA E-Learning platform. We then proceeded to discuss what to do next instead of the usual bickering of how late he was and how I had to find things to fill up my own time. Anytime we have an awkward amount of time in our hands is a good time for us to learn something new and upskill ourselves! No extra time required from our packed schedule!



    Making Things Interesting Anytime, Anywhere!


    Did you know that people all around the globe lose an average of 26 days to wasted time? 44% of this wasted time is due to sitting in traffic! Many of us understand the boredom of driving through high traffic areas or the boredom of sitting through a 30 minute packed ride on the commute. Although we can’t do much as we are on the go either in the car or commuting, there is one thing we can do! That my dear readers, is upskilling and learning! Rest assured, this act does not involve phubbing and driving.


    Take my experience in a 5-hour drive back from Johor to Kuala Lumpur last week thanks to traffic, I learnt how to become better in delivering messages by using the right words, learnt some techniques in digital marketing to attract viewer attention as well as the secrets to convey difficult concepts through simple images! Besides making a boring drive more interesting, I am also taking a positive step in my career with these videos! How does it help you ask? Before I started my journey, I submitted my resume and my targeted position onto the platform! It then provided me with suggested learning courses based on the skills I lacked! So you won’t need to pick the relevant courses from thousands of courses while driving and you definitely won’t need to sit through the time-wasting traffic while feeling bored! Two birds with one stone!



    A Staple For Starting The Day Or Ending The Night!


    Thanks to the pandemic, many of us revisited our lifestyle and put a huge emphasis on both our physical health and our mental health. The same goes for me as I began to work out early in the morning before heading to work! And what better way to start the day off by listening to inspiring speakers such as Simon Sinek before beginning my workout session or listening to insightful sharings by Elon Musk before heading to bed for the night? If that sounds like life for you, it can be! Take my general experience with on demand learning as an example.


    The SHRA E-Learning platform gives me the option to personalize my learning pathway and options to go for other courses as well. So I can pick motivational videos and inspirational sharings in the morning to fill my work out sessions with energy to keep my body healthy yet still have the option to pick insightful sharings and techniques to better manage my emotional well being at the end of the day for a reflection on my mental well being! Jogging in the park, hitting the gym and doing yoga now has that additional ohm factor. Moreover, we even have better directions in terms of reflections and maintaining our mental wellbeing! 


    Adopting On Demand Learning into our busy schedule and lifestyle is actually as easy as ABC! Rather than taking out more time, it helps us maximize time that would otherwise be wasted! Furthermore you can take your E-learning journey further with SHRA E-Learning platform! Beyond the skill gap analysis from your resume and the personalized learning pathway, it contains over 13,000 courses and many other benefits for you! Check out our page or sign up for our e-learning platform here to begin your upskilling journey today! If you’d like to check out our other programs, feel free to check out our HRDF Training.


    Redeem Your FREE 3 MONTHS ACCESS here



      Written by Bryan Law Chu Zheng,

      SHRA Corporate Trainer


      Bryan is a member of the SHRA trainer team. He is a major in Psychology with a retail background. He has a deep passion for human interaction and personal development.

      You can catch him dancing or playing the uke on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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    • On Demand Learning: A Growing Lifestyle Trend

      On Demand Learning: A Growing Lifestyle Trend

      Let’s do a mental exercise, I’d like you to think about an image or a concept when you see the word “Upskilling”. Got it? What picture or idea came out? Chances are like most of us, we picture an image of a classroom or see ourselves sitting at our work desk afterwork looking at our screen for hours to listen to a lecture in order to up-skill.


      That mental image we have is the very opposite of what learning and upskilling is supposed to be! The very foundation for our learning is for us to want it and are motivated to do it in the first place. If the image we had is one that gives us dread or makes us feel demotivated, then it is not beneficial at all. This is the very reason why On-Demand Learning has been introduced in the first place, it is because we can learn anytime and anywhere! Instead of taking up our time, it allows us to integrate with our lives to make learning both a fun and exciting journey!


      On Demand Learning: A Growing Lifestyle Trend!

      1. Learning LITERALLY at the tip of our fingers!
      2. Duration is no longer fixed but rather a suggestion!
      3. Learning done in a car, in the gym, on a bus, in your home ……


      Learning LITERALLY At The Tip Of Our Fingers!


      On-demand learning does not require us to head over to the office of a training provider or engage in a call with them to provide them details and schedule a meet or time for the upskilling session. All of this can be done just by taking out our devices, keying our details in at once and selecting whichever course we are interested in straight away, hassle-free. Take myself for example, all I did was take my phone out, grab the Senheng App and press SHRA E-Learning and I am immediately guided to tons of courses immediately!

      Hassle-free, easy and most importantly literally at the tip of my fingers! It took me only a short 1 minute to straight away jump into a course I’d like to learn (including scrolling and waiting times!) Instead of spending a 20 minute drive, a 5 minute introduction, a 15 minute explanation of courses and 10 minutes of choosing the right course (which takes up an hour by the way!) why not use 1 minute to filter out all the hassle and immediately feed that hunger to learn just by pressing a few buttons! 


      Duration Is No Longer Fixed But Rather A Suggestion!


      Ever looked at training and upskilling courses? Then you’d probably be familiar with the time required and needed to complete an upskilling course. The duration there, fixed. We can discuss and adjust but the upskilling and training duration is still fixed to a minimum of 4 hours at one go. On-Demand Learning on the other hand, is broken down into small bite sized chunks that can be consumed in one go (few hours straight) or taken in small intervals (5 – 15 minutes) Even if you are watching a 10 minute video about the principles of marketing, you can always pause it and come back to it if you have something urgent to attend to!

      I have gone for both 4 hours straight training and On-Demand Learning courses up to 4 hours. The 4 hours straight training is certainly completed in one day, but I realized I could only remember the first 30 minutes and the last 15 minutes of the session, anything in between is gone! On the other hand, I was able to remember and apply up to 80% of knowledge I gained through on-demand learning! The reason? I was not required to watch through the full 10 minutes of a video when I only had the capacity to watch a 2 minute video! At times when I could watch more, I could watch more courses and stop anytime I felt I was getting close to being overwhelmed! That is the true beauty of a suggested but not fixed duration!


      Learning Done In A Car, In The Gym, On A Bus, In Your Home ……


      Remember how I mentioned on-demand learning gave us the freedom to start, pause and stop at any given time? Well, this can be applied to anywhere we are as well! I would catch myself watching a short 2 – 3 minute snippet of courses in between my workout sets! By the time I was done with my workout I was also done with about 1 session of the course too! Besides, I believe we are all very familiar with our traffic-prone Malaysian roads. I would whip out my phone and listen through courses while I am stuck in a jam so I don’t get bored out of my mind! 

      Much like my personal experiences, I believe many of us occasionally have an awkward amount of time in our hands that we are not sure how to use effectively! Sometimes, we may not even be at places that are conducive for us to do other things but wait. Thanks to on-demand learning, we can actually fill up these times with something productive literally anywhere! So the next time you ever get caught in a jam or have to wait for your friends’ “OTW” sessions, you can use the time to upskill and grow yourself and your career! 


      As most of us have seen above, on-demand learning does not require us to take out more time, rather, it helps us fill up our empty spaces, becoming a part of our lifestyle naturally. What’s that? All this talk about On-Demand Learning has got you excited and gearing to try it out? I’ve got the perfect news for you as we have our very own SHRA E-learning Platform. It comes with a career and skill gap analysis to guide you through which courses to take to get that dream job you want! Check out our page or sign up for our e-learning platform here! If you’d like to check out our other programs, feel free to click here.


      Written by Bryan Law Chu Zheng,

      SHRA Corporate Trainer


      Bryan is a member of the SHRA trainer team. He is a major in Psychology with a retail background. He has a deep passion for human interaction and personal development.

      You can catch him dancing or playing the uke on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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    • What is SHRA E-Learning Platform?

      What is SHRA E-Learning Platform?

      SHRA E-Learning Platform? Is this another platform like LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, AirAsia Academy?

      It is an e-learning platform, but offers much more than that!

      SHRA E-Learning Platform Is….

      • Offering 13,000 high quality courses with instructors such as Elon Musk, Simon Sinek etc.
      • Using Artificial Intelligence to identify skills gap based on industry benchmark
      • Giving freedom and convenience for every learner to personalize their learning path
      • A platform that allows you to learn and earn

      Want to understand more about SHRA E-Learning Platform? Want to try out 13,000 programs for FREE?

      Sure, no problem. Read our article to find out more! 

      We will talk about these topics in this article.

      • Challenges In Human Capital Development
      • What is SHRA E-Learning Platform
      • Redeem 3 month free access of SHRA-E-Leaning platform


      Challenges In Human Capital Development


      When we want to do something, offer a new product or make a business decisions, there is always a reason, there is always a pain point to solve. 

      Before sharing with you on our platform, I will share with you on the WHY, and pain points of current challenges in human capital development for retailers. 

      These are the common concerns we hear from the retailers, and it goes like this. 

      “We would like to train our staff BUT…….”


      BUT…not enough manpower in the shop

      BUT…the training hours are too long

      BUT…I don’t have enough staff to organize an in-house program

      BUT…it is expensive

      BUT…need a lot of effort to persuade them to join training

      BUT…I don’t know where to start


      These struggles are real. And, we hear you. In this article, I won’t address each pain point, perhaps in the future article I will consider to do so. 

      To simplify, these challenges are categorized into 3 things: time, money, motivation.

      • How can we allow our employees to upskill themselves without taking away too much of their time and minimizing impact to manpower management in the shop?
      • How can we register for a more cost effective training, utilizing technology and at the same time enjoying human touch?
      • How can we motivate our staff to learn, without forcing them?

      A life without growth is just like a dead plant just waiting to be cut off. On the other hand, learning can give the ‘dead’ plant to re-live so its life is full of knowledge and growth, to lift up the value of the plant.

      Let’s find out how SHRA E-Learning platform can overcome these challenges and lift up each of our human capital’s value.


      What is SHRA E-Learning Platform?


      To answer these 3 questions, this is where SHRA E-Learning Platform is born.


      i) TIME


      Learners have the freedom to choose what to learn, when to learn and how to learn, as you can access to the courses ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. You just need a phone and internet. Easy right?

      If you would like to learn during off peak hours in the shop, you CAN! If you would like to learn during your off day, you CAN! If you would like to learn while your kids are sleeping, you CAN!

      So, bosses, you don’t have to worry, that training WILL NOT take away a lot of your employees’ time to do sales or complete their work, as they can learn with their own pace.


      ii) MONEY


      We offer more than 13,000 courses for you to choose from, and these are good quality courses from instructors all over the world such as Simon Sinek, Elon Musk, and of course with SHRA instructors for retail-based courses. 

      Compared to other live classes out there, which may cost you hundreds or thousands to attend 1 session, now you get 13,000 courses, it is like you buy 1 and free 12,999. 

      We also understand you want some human touch and learn through experiential learning, we do offer live classes within the subscription plan. Interested to know more? Drop us an enquiry!

      The deal sounds attractive? Want to test it? NOW YOU CAN, for FREE! 

      Now we are offering 3 MONTHS FREE ACCESS to all these 13,000 courses and other tools, which I will explain later on. Continue reading this article, and we will share with you how to redeem 3 months free access.


      iii) MOTIVATION


      If we want to protect ourselves against COVID virus, we take Vitamin C and boost our immune system. 

      What do we do if we want to protect our staff from burning out, protect them against  joining the Great Resignation force?


      Training is like Vitamin C, help to boost immunity for the company to retain and engage staff. When we train, we feel refreshed, recharged and re-energized. 

      • Refreshed with the knowledge that we may have forgotten.
      • Recharged with the new knowledge and skills.
      • Re-energized to connect with people and exchange ideas. 

      What motivates people the most is when we learn what interests us, what is relevant to us and what helps us to advance in our career. With our AI-driven skills gap analysis, we can instantly know what we need to upskill ourselves to meet market demands, and kickstart our personalized learning pathway.

      The best part is as we learn, we earn. 10% S-Coin cashback will be given as rewards, so we can shop products we love and need in Senheng/senQ outlets.


      Redeem 3 Month FREE access of SHRA-E-Learning platform


      To try out this amazing platform? To redeem your 3 months free access, click here: https://shappp.onelink.me/uUns/8zus40jp and follow these steps.

      SHRA E Learning Platform User Guide

      SHRA E Learning Platform User Guide 1 SHRA E Learning Platform User Guide 2

      SHRA E Learning Platform User Guide 3


      Want to share out with your family and friends on this good deal of 3 Months Free Access? You are very welcomed to do so, the more the merrier! Please share this article, so more people can enjoy the 3 Months Free Access!

      If you are interested to find out more about SHRA E-Learning platform, you could drop us a message or schedule a demo session with us here.


      Written by Choon Ee May,

      SHRA Training Manger

      Ee May leads the training team to create high quality retail-based courses and provide impactful trainings. She is passionate in retail operations, where she loves to visit different retail shops even during her off day. Also, she loves data analysis, visualization and storytelling.

      In her free time, she loves to explore vegetarian food and do volunteering work.

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    • Why Retailers Start To Do Livestreaming?

      Why Retailers Start To Do Livestreaming?

      If you are an active social media user, you have most probably viewed a live selling session, be it on Facebook, Youtube or Tiktok. Here’s my experiences on buying from a livestream. I believe a lot of us might initially think that we would never buy from a livestream. However, after a few accidental exposures on the livestream content. I admitted that I was attracted by the way they conducted their livestream. Then one day, without having the plan to buy anything, I came across a live selling that attracted my interest and I felt the sudden urge to buy from the livestream. This was my first experience buying from my livestream. You might wonder what has happened and what has made me change my mind to start buying from livestreams. As such, let’s take a look on how livestream commerce could help retailers to bring customers to their business.

      Why Retailers Start To Do Livestreaming?

      1. What – An Additional Customer Touchpoint 
      2. Why – Emerging Mobile Data 
      3. How – Build Connection And Increase Customer Stickiness 



      What – An Additional Customer Touchpoint 


      To capture better market share in this new retail era, one thing that retailers do is to gain more traffic to their e-commerce stores or offline stores.  Through livestream, retailers could leverage on the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Tiktok. As these platforms have a lot of pre-existing users, retailers could expose their products or services to these users and eventually direct these traffic to their stores. Thus, retailers just have to start to develop livestream contents that would attract the consumers. Even though not all livestream viewers will immediately buy from the livestream, it still serves as a customer touchpoint that would bring your brand to the awareness of the customers. For example, especially for retailers who are developing a new brand, they could leverage the share mechanism on social media to expand their exposure towards consumers who are unaware of the brand’s existence. Hence, it means that retailers could reach more consumers with the aid of livestream commerce. 


      Why – Emerging Mobile Data Technology


      One of the reasons why live selling is gaining more and more popularity is due to the emerging mobile data technology. As we know that people nowadays are constantly attached to their smartphone and they are always actively browsing online. When they are bored and have some time to be filled in, they will turn on their social media account to look for content that would potentially interest them. In addition, some people have even developed a habit to browse through online shops and add products that interest them in their online shopping cart. As customers now have the freedom to browse online at any time and anywhere, this means that retailers who are doing live selling would gain a competitive edge in attracting new traffic that is beyond the traffic coverage of online and offline stores. 


      How – Build Connection And Increase Customer Stickiness 


      Usually, when you purchase expensive items like electronic appliances, gadgets and vehicles, do you buy from the same sales persons or retailers? I believe that it is natural that we would like to buy from a trusted retailer or salesperson that we are familiar with. According to statistics from Fit Small Business, it showed that the top reason why retailers have started livestream commerce is to interact more with their customers. 55% of retailers have conducted live selling with the purpose to better engage with their customers on social media and 59% of the retailers have conducted livestream with the purpose to humanize their brand. As compared to retailers who do not have livestream commerce, they could only engage with customers personally when their customers walk into their offline shops; while retailers who conduct livestream will have more opportunity to engage with their potential customers and build a special connection with them. For instance, in live selling, there will always be a period of time when the livestreamer has small talks with his or her frequent livestream viewers or customers. Through constant engagement with the customers on livestream, it would help retailers to  create a stronger bond between their brands and the customers, thus increasing the recency and frequency of the customers to buy from the retailers.

      Ultimately, starting a livestream commerce would definitely help the retailers to boost their business in this New Retail era. Especially for retailers that reach the bottleneck on getting in new traffic, developing a livestream commerce might help you reach out to a new group of potential customers. Once the unique connections are being built during a livestream session, their customer would then naturally stick to the retailers.  

      To start a livestream commerce, there are a lot of key strategies that could be implemented and key metrics that have to be monitored to ensure that livestream commerce could bring in the expected return of investment to your business. Interested to know more about live stream commerce? Want a more in-depth breakdown of the strategies personalized according to your business? Wait no further! You can check out our Professional Certification in New Retail Marketing. If you’d like to check out our other programs, feel free to click here.

      Written by Lim Ee Hau,

      SHRA Corporate Trainer

      Ee Hau is a member of the SHRA trainer team. He has a  psychology background and he is passionate in assisting individuals to achieve their life goal. He loves to connect with people by initiating insightful conversation. He enjoys swimming and you can catch him bouldering in the gym during his free time. 

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    • On Demand Learning: Top 3 Pitfalls You Should Avoid

      On Demand Learning: Top 3 Pitfalls You Should Avoid

      Let’s begin by taking a short 10 second challenge to list out all the websites, apps, courses and providers that provide opportunities to upskill! Ready, Let’s go! 10 … 9 … 8 …… Done? Well, let’s look back at our list and take a look at how many of them offer on-demand learning. Chances are, some or most of them do not offer on-demand learning.

      On-demand learning is rare as it is, so when we manage to find one that offers this option, it’s as if we found a ton of gold among piles of rocks! But hold your horses there cowboy, because some of these on-demand learning providers may have certain downsides and pitfalls that we would definitely not want to fall into! So before you fall into any, let’s take a moment to see what are some of the things we should be aware of and avoid before it’s too late!

      On Demand Learning: Top 3 Pitfalls You Should Avoid!

      1. Anywhere & Anytime is great, but anyone? Not so much 
      2. Should I use a lemon seed, or an orange seed to plant an apple tree?
      3. Great… just need to do 5000 things before I can use this!


      Anytime, anywhere is great, but anyone? Not so much


      On-demand learning has the benefit of learning anytime and anywhere with just a touch of a finger. However, it is important to identify the institute or person that created the course or uploaded the course in the first place, lest you end up like a close friend of mine. He went to take up a few courses in programming and coding as he felt that was a good direction to head into. He decided to go for a few courses to enhance his knowledge on one particular programming language first.However, as time went on, he went from being confident and proud to being confused and unsure. He would often get confused as the courses he took seemed to be contradicting despite teaching the same topic and exact same programming language.


      That was when he felt something was not right so he stopped. Turns out there was something wrong, as the platform he had chosen did not need any approval for anyone to upload their courses! He wasted both his money and hours upon hours of information that has to be relearnt! After doing a background search on providers, he managed to find one that has an approval process and goes through an extensive quality check before course uploads. With his permission, the sharing of his traumatic experience can hopefully prevent you from making the same mistakes as he did! Excited as you might be, don’t forget to check your instructors and platforms credentials!


      Should I use lemon seeds or orange seeds to grow an apple tree?


      You might be wondering? Bryan, how on earth can we grow an apple tree out of either of those seeds? You’re right, we definitely can’t, because it’s not relevant towards what we want in the first place! That my friends, would be the second potential pitfall in on-demand learning. The idea that you can learn anything online is interesting, but the result or relevancy of what you have learnt may not necessarily guide you or help you take one step closer to getting that dream job or living your dream life! Take myself for example, I would fall into the fallacy where I would believe as long as I am learning and it is helpful, there are only benefits and no drawbacks!


      Well, now I am here looking at one of my certificates and thinking, how is this certificate going to help me now? I realized that I never included that certificate nor that knowledge in any of my CVs or resumes, nor do I mention them at work. Sure I managed to gain knowledge on a certain area, but what use would it be if it couldn’t be used anywhere! On-demand learning can definitely provide tons of useful courses to upskill and learn, but it is also important for us to consider whether the on-demand learning provider offers some form of analysis to curate or suggest courses that would be both beneficial to learn and useful for your future!


      Great … just need to do 5000 things before I can use this!


      The 5000 things may be an exaggeration but the implications are definitely real. Most courses that are certified and have instructors with amazing credentials would usually be very specialized in their fields or specialized market and industry. If you are ever in those industries, that means you’ve hit the jackpot, but for those that are in a similar yet different industry, what you may have learned may not be completely applicable!


      A friend of mine who finished his course in the UK came back only to adopt 20% of what he learnt there back here in our country. He spent tons of money to find a way to enhance his family business and to digitalize the business to multiply his sales. Unfortunately, when he started to apply this knowledge, he realized that most of what he has learnt and what he has studied was very much tailored to the UK and western market rather than an Asian market. Of course it was in the same industry, however the specific strategies and modes to approach them had to be adjusted into an asian context before it can be applied in this market!


      It is then an important element to check the relevancy of the course as well. A course taught by an amazing instructor would be helpful but if the content was not localized to your setting in the first place, then you’d have to spend extra time on top of the resources you invested in the courses to readjust and tweak to your specific scenario. To prevent your on-demand learning experience to be one that wastes part of your time, always be wary of the credentials, the relevance as well as the localization aspect of the course! It could potentially help save your resources and speed up your upskilling process too!


      Beyond being aware of the top pitfalls in on-demand learning, we need to then research and study on the different providers to choose from. That my friends is a whole other can of worms for us to explore. Fortunately, if you are busy and just don’t have the resources to filter through, we got amazing news for you as we are launching our very own SHRA E-learning Platform. It comes with a career and skill gap analysis to guide you through which courses to take to get that dream job you want! So stay tuned to our launching! If you’d like to check out our other programs, feel free to click here.


      Written by Bryan Law Chu Zheng,

      SHRA Corporate Trainer


      Bryan is a member of the SHRA trainer team. He is a major in Psychology with a retail background. He has a deep passion for human interaction and personal development.

      You can catch him dancing or playing the uke on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 


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    • On Demand Learning: The Express To Upskilling in 2022

      On Demand Learning: The Express To Upskilling in 2022


      If you are reading this right now, chances are you are interested in On-Demand Learning and probably have heard of some mixed opinions regarding On-Demand Learning and other forms of upskilling courses. If you are looking for a decisive voice (or just another set of opinions that you may not have heard) then you’ve come to the right place!


      On-Demand Learning has definitely gotten more popular in recent years. This is not solely due to technological advancements but it also has to do with the benefits it brings as compared to its drawbacks. As the title suggests, On-Demand Learning not only provides you with a pathway to upskill yourself faster than other channels, it also has tons of other benefits as compared to its drawbacks. As such, let’s jump in to why On-Demand Learning is the secret express to upskilling in 2022!


      On Demand Learning: The Secret Express To Upskilling in 2022

      1. I will follow you … follow you wherever you may go (Convenience)
      2. Can’t pick between a racecar or a tortoise? How about both? (Pace)
      3. Another one… And another one … And another one! (Sustainability)


      I Will Follow You … Follow You Wherever You May Go


      Remind you of Digi? Well that is essentially On-Demand Learning! The word On-Demand means that you can learn anywhere and anytime you choose! Bored when your partner is having boys/girls night? Kids went to bed early and have too much time on their hands? Have an awkward amount of time on your hands and don’t know what to do with it? All of these can be put to good use with On-Demand Learning Take myself for example, I decided to start off in an ASL course to learn how to communicate in sign language (because it’s interesting to learn another language and why not?) 


      I started learning and practicing signs whenever I have an awkward 2 – 10 minutes gap. This ranged from waiting for the decision on where to eat for lunch to heading up to bed a little too early. I started off learning how to sign the basic alphabet and eventually by the end of week one, I could sign “Hi my name is Bryan, and I enjoy buffets”. After one month, I was able to actually do what I call “Sign singing”. I could sign to the song “Way Back Into Love” (My personal all time favorite song). This was achieved with all the tiny 2-10 minute awkward gaps regardless of where I am. Instead of needing to stay at one particular location or attending a particular course at a particular time, On-Demand Learning provides the power for you to learn anytime and anywhere!


      Can’t Pick Between A Racecar Or A Tortoise? How About Both?


      Obviously the decision is clear, most if not all would pick a racecar over a tortoise (p.s. Not applicable to animal lovers). Essentially On-Demand Learning does not force you to choose whether you want to go through the course fast or slow, you are allowed to be fast and slow whenever you wish and whenever you want! So you would not be bombarded by messages regarding how a very particular owl misses you or how your streak is about to be ended.


      As young adults, adults and working adults, we would definitely want to learn new things, skills and knowledge. But we wish to learn at our own pace and not be rushed. Understandably we might be facing a tough day at work, maybe a not so happy gathering, we might not be in the exact mood to learn or may be limited by our own ability to absorb the learning material. 


      On-Demand Learning can be done anywhere and anytime, this also means it can be done anyhow and anyway we want. Comparing this to physical based settings or online class settings, we need to prepare ourselves or we would miss whatever is being taught and that certainly would be wasting our resources. For On-Demand Learning however, we can set our own pace to learn faster when we are mentally and physically ready or slow down our pace on days where we might not be ready to absorb as much information. This alone makes all the time we spent with On-Demand Learning worth every moment.


      Another one … And Another One … And Another One!


      Have you ever faced the scenario where you want someone to repeat what they said but hesitate and just nod awkwardly because they repeated for more than 3 times? Well, me too and I believe everyone too! It becomes awkward as we feel guilty for missing out on what the other person says. On-Demand Learning on the other hand, can be repeated again and again and again and again. The neat part is, you can even pick up from where you left off!


      I remember there was once where I took an Advanced Excel Training Course. The instructor was very patient and was very clear with his instructions and explanations. However, as time went on, I started to realize I was a little lost and I had asked him to repeat a few times before, so I dare not ask him to repeat again (in fear of annoying him and wasting my other course mates time). In the end, I only managed to pick up bits and pieces from the training and had to spend an extra 3 hours in total to pick up all the things I missed out on my own!


      For my negotiation course I took from the On-Demand Learning course on the other hand, which allowed me to repeat and repeat the same content multiple times until I finally managed to be able to practice the method. Furthermore, whenever I forgot about some basic fundamentals, I could always go back to previous sessions and repeat them. These are the reasons behind why on demand learning is the secret express to upskilling, not only because it is fast, but because it gives us the freedom to learn as much as we want, revise as much as we want and pace ourselves accordingly as well. 


      Beyond realizing the benefits and power of On-Demand Learning, next comes which On-Demand Learning Platform to choose, and that is a whole other headache for us to explore. Fortunately, if that is your worries, we got amazing news for you as you can check out our SHRA E-learning platform. It comes with a career and skill analysis to guide you through which courses to take to get that dream job you want!  If you’d like to check out our other programs, feel free to click here.


      Written by Bryan Law Chu Zheng,

      SHRA Corporate Trainer


      Bryan is a member of the SHRA trainer team. He is a major in Psychology with a retail background. He has a deep passion for human interaction and personal development.

      You can catch him dancing or playing the uke on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

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    • Tracking Data In Omnichannel : Why Do You Need To Start Tracking Retail Data?

      Tracking Data In Omnichannel :  Why Do You Need To Start Tracking Retail Data?

      As mobile internet and information technology advances,  consumers’ shopping journey has also been changed from pure in-store visits to the mixture of both in-store visits and online store visits. With this emerging consumer trend, it has made more and more retail companies adopt a business strategy that integrates both online and offline business stores. Nevertheless, when huge amounts of time and money are invested, do they help to enhance the business?  


      Tracking Data In Omnichannel :  Why Do You Need To Start Tracking Retail Data? 

      1. Identifying consumer trends
      2. Increasing marketing ROI
      3. Improving store productivity


      Identifying Consumer Insights

      To win customers’ hearts, it is important for retailers to understand their potential customers’ behavioral data. From the average value of sales per customer per visit to average number of likes or shares of a post on social media and average time spent on viewing an online page. If all these data are being taken into account , it would offer a bigger and more accurate picture to retailers and help them to make better informed business decisions. 


      Increasing Marketing ROI


      Without looking at the retail data, chances are high that retailers make business decisions purely based on their intuition that might be opposed to the retail data. On the other hand, through understating retail data such as click-through rate or lead generation rate from each marketing post, in-store promotion or marketing email, it could help retailers to measure the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. With this information, retailers can stop marketing strategies that do not provide the expected results and they could fully utilize all their marketing budget on marketing strategies that really boost their business. 


      Improving Store Productivity


      When retailers track retail data like customer dwell time at different sections of their offline store and online store, retailers would better understand the spots that draw the most attention of customers. This could potentially help retailers to determine the best spots to place the suggested product and best store layout . On the online platform, dwell time information of their potential customers could also help retailers to formulate their customer engagement strategy. As the customers receive more relevant engagement, retailers would naturally get more buy-in from the customers, hence increasing the sales of the store. 

      All in all, tracking retail data would bring you one step closer to your omnichannel strategy’s success. To ensure that all the business channels initiatives contribute to the overall growth of your business, you will need to start tracking the retail data that is already at your hand and make sure that your business decisions are in accordance with what retail data suggest. Wondering what are the important data and key performance indicators of your business channels  that would contribute to your business growth? Want to learn more in-depth on the breakdown of online and offline store KPI that would affect your business? Fret not! You can check out our Professional Certificate in New Retail Marketing. If you’d like to check out our other programs, feel free to click here.



      Written by Lim Ee Hau,

      SHRA Corporate Trainer


      Ee hau is a member of the SHRA trainer team. He has a  psychology background and he is passionate in assisting individuals to achieve their life goal. He loves to connect with people by initiating insightful conversation. He enjoys swimming and you can catch him bouldering in the gym during his free time.

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    • Content Marketing: 3 Essentials To Spice Up Your Content

      Content Marketing: 3 Essentials To Spice Up Your Content


      Let’s try out a small exercise! On your phone, tablet or computer, type in the name of your product, merchandise or services. Chances are you will find tons of other products or services similar to yours that appear on your search result. To make matters worse, the content that we write for our products, services and business is like a drop of water in a vast ocean, floating on the web with tons of other similarly written content.


      The decision to invest time and resources into content marketing is evidently important, but merely investing resources in content marketing is no longer enough to stand out, we need to go beyond and begin exploring elements that truly spice up our content marketing. Especially in this world of “New Retail” creating engaging content can truly separate yourself from the competition. So what are some of the essentials we can use to spice up our content you ask? Well let’s take a look at the 3 essentials needed to spice up our content marketing in this new era of retail!


      Content Marketing: 3 Essentials To Spice Up Your Content

      1. Think and search like your customers
      2. Don’t judge a book by its cover … But Cover Sells Books
      3. Everything is about content


      Think and Search Like Your Customers


      This may sound simple enough yet tons of retailers miss out on this! Take my previous retail experience as an example, we would often put promotion, sale and discount as our main keywords whenever we post our products, thinking it would attract customers since customers get excited by promotions. To our dismay, it did not yield much results. Fortunately, we finally decided to try searching the keywords we used, that was when we realized where we went wrong! We were bombarded by tons of other products instead. To make matters worse, some of our competitor products appeared before our products appeared!

      We decided to optimize the keywords for our products in line with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it turns out just from a change of keywords and word usages, the amount of engagement as well as click rate tripled compared to the previous method! Not only that, but we managed to increase our sales for mid range and premium products too! In New Retail, it becomes important to not just include words that attract customers in our content marketing strategy, but crucial for us to think from the perspectives of customers searching for our products and services. Only then will our content be seen and appear at the top of our customers’ searches.


      Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover … But Cover Sells Books


      I believe most of us have heard this phrase, but the latter stands true as well! With so much content out there and so little time to filter through, an enticing title or an intriguing visual that sparks interest could be the difference between our content being looked through or completely ignored. As a consumer myself, I noticed I would oftentimes mindlessly scroll through social media to look for something interesting or even type in titles of content I’d like to read and pick one that has an eye-catching title!


      I remembered the most interesting content that caught my eye, was one about low calorie ice-cream! They included a picture of typical ice creams (900-1200 calories) and their brand of ice cream (250-340 calories). The picture alone caught my attention instantly. As a foodie and someone who is trying to diet, it was extremely attractive and I instantly ordered 2 pints. After I ordered from them, I scrolled through my social media and realized that I have actually followed them for quite some time but never had that strong attraction to buy or engage in their posts until then!



      To truly excel in content marketing and creating hot topics, we need to dive into New Retail and truly integrate data collected both offline and online into our content marketing to better suit and attract both existing and potential consumers out there! After optimizing keyword search, the next step we should take would be to create attractive visuals as well as titles to attract consumers.


      Everything Is About Content


      Ever heard the term content is king? Well it is the absolute truth! It matters not how attractive our title, visuals or the usage or correct keywords if our content does not keep our consumers hooked! The type of content we pick as well as the content of our marketing strategy is a key component and requires us to truly understand our target audience and consumer! When we first started to do content marketing for my previous store, we focused mainly on the products and services we offered as well as some important and relevant content such as ways to prolong product usage and quick hacks to solve product issues. 


      However, we did not garner much engagement. So we decided to switch a different strategy! Utilizing tiktoks, memes and gifs about hot topics or current topics to attract a larger audience. The result? It worked, we had tons of engagement from our audiences. Although we managed to garner high engagement, it was merely a sudden influx and increase but it was not consistent enough. That was when we sat down and thought of how we can combine both or utilize both methods to achieve the best effect. Once we figured out the balance, we had a consistent increase in engagement with audiences while also being able to convert some of them to our customers!


      Ultimately, it is important to find the perfect balance between sensational topics or contents and lasting topics or contents. To curate a hot topic and hot content, we need to start by making sure we appear on the top of our customers’ searches, attract their attention with enticing visuals and titles to finally lead them to read through or consume our interesting, helpful and relevant content. That is the essence of how we can begin to spice up our content in the ultimate journey of achieving true new retail marketing.


      Beyond these essentials, there are tons of other strategies including creative content management, Essential P’s in the retail landscape and many others all found within new retail marketing. Interested to find out what this new retail marketing is? Want a more in-depth breakdown of the strategies personalized according to your business? Wait no further! You can check out our Professional Certification in New Retail Marketing. If you’d like to check out our other programs, feel free to click here.


      Written by Bryan Law Chu Zheng,

      SHRA Corporate Trainer


      Bryan is a member of the SHRA trainer team. He is a major in Psychology with a retail background. He has a deep passion for human interaction and personal development.

      You can catch him dancing or playing the uke on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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