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E-Commerce Automation Solution

E-Commerce Automation Solutions will demystify these E-Commerce problems and you can determine what is the next step to bring your retail business to the next level. 

Conducted in English & BM Adaptive

2.5 Hours Intensive Course

Conducted via Online Video Conferencing


Does your offline store have the same offerings and consistency as your online store? Does your online and offline operations feel like managing two different stores, giving you headache and hassle responding across different channels? If you are struggling to manage your E-Commerce processes and looking for alternative solutions, join us to learn how E-Commerce Automation can address some of your business pain points.



In this program, we will be sharing with you the secrets and formula of Senheng’s modern E-Commerce strategy so that you can redesign and elevate the retail experience for your customers to create greater customer loyalty. We will also be giving you some insights on how to harness the E-Commerce automation solutions to drive your retail business to greater heights.



E-Commerce Automation Solutions will demystify all the E-Commerce problems that you are currently facing and you can then determine the next step to bring your retail business to the next level.


At the end of this training program, participants should be able to: 
a)    Understand the impact of E-Commerce automation solutions by exploring case study of Malaysia’s no. 1 Consumer Electronics Retailer “New Retail Transformation Journey”.
b)    Rethink and redesign the retail experience for your customers.
c)    Grasp the functions of each E-Commerce automation solution and how to harness it in your business advantage.




  • What have changed in the Retail World?
  • What is New Retail? Is Your Business Multi-Channel or Omni-channel?
  • Senheng’s Digital Transformation Roadmap
  • The Omni-channel Customer Journey 
  • Case Study of Senheng Seamless Business Solution
  • Why Most Businesses Fail to Transform Digitally?
  • E-Commerce Business Models
  • Types of E-Commerce Platforms and How to Choose?

a) Product Information Management (PIM)

  • Are You Selling Hundreds of Products the Hard Way, Current Practice of Managing PIM and why do We Need Transform PIM?
  • The Optimal Solution for Managing Multiple Products

b) Marketplace Hub

  • Challenges of Managing Stores Across Multiple Marketplace
  • The Impact of Real Time Data on Retailers Response Time and Sales Results 

c) Sales and Promotion

  • Headaches of Manually Managing Operations of Sales and Promotion Across Marketplace
  • Scheduling and Attracting More Customers in Price Sensitive Marketplace
  • How do Retailers Analyze E-Commerce Website Performance?
  • Tracking Customer Behavior with Google Analytics Solution
  • Case Study: Senheng Results in Measuring E-Commerce Performance Using Google and Facebook

a) EC Auto Order Processing

  • Grave Mistakes Every Retailer Need to Avoid during E-Commerce Order Fulfilment
  • Eliminating Business Process Friction Through Automation

b) Auto Payment Matching

  • Manual Payment Matching Risks to Retailers
  • Solution for Accurate and Easy Payment Matching that Empowers Millions of Payment Matching and Reconciliation

c) Accounting Connector

  • Organizing Transactional Data from One System to Another to Fulfill Regulations
  • Accounting Connector – Filling In the Missing Link in Your Business

a) Member Registration App

  • Member Recruitment, Keeping Customers Closer to Your Business
  • How to Drive Membership Signup Seamlessly

b) Member Reward and Point Redemption

  • Increasing Sales Conversion with Member Rewards
  • Retaining Customers With a Win-Win Solution

c) Member Utility App

  • Covering All Communication Touchpoint in Your Customer Journey
  • Case Study: Senheng App