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Entrepreneur Mindset

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Offline & Online


4-8 Hour Intensive Course


Conducted in BM & English Adaptive



Our Entrepreneurship Training Is Suitable For

  • Executives
  • Store Supervisor/ Managers


Personal Image Branding

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a. Know the power of first impression and how it creates impact and improves professional and business effectiveness
b. Gain advantage by developing a confident yet polished professional image to build client-relations, performance effectiveness and to stand out within the organization
c. Build a stronger personal and professional personality towards attitudes, mannerism and appearance

First Impression


The correspondence of self-perception and perception from others about us
Common mistakes when one portrays oneself
People’s expectation of us – mental picture
Expectations shape one’s relationship with others
The elements of first impression – visual, vocal & verbal

S.E.N Approach –Power Of Smile


The importance of smiling in human evolution
The relationship between smiling and positive emotions and feelings
Different types of smiling in different situations
How to show a genuine smile?
Positive effects of smiling in workplace

S.E.N Approach –Eye Contact


  • Eyes are the “window of the soul”
  • Negative consequences when eye contact is absent
  • Importance of appropriate eye contact
  • 80/20 rule when making eye contact
  • How to tackle awkward eye contact?

S.E.N Approach –Neatness


  • What is considered as neat in the company?
  • What are others’ expectations in terms of neatness?
  • Positive results of being neat and tidy
  • How to enhance personal tidiness and neatness?

Body Language –Hand Gestures

  • Visual stimuli is the primary information received by majority
  • Aware of the habitual bad hand gestures
  • Appropriate hand gestures when interacting with others
  • Differentiate between open and closed hands and arms gestures
  • Suitable type of handshakes

Body Language –Intonation

  • The role intonation plays when communicating with others
  • Positive and negative feelings arise with different intonation
  • Common mistakes when exercising intonation
  • Consequences when inappropriate intonation is performed
  • Different intonation is required in different situations


Body Language –Posture


  • What is posture?
  • Posture says a lot about oneself
  • Common bad postures seen in workplace
  • Negative consequences when negative postures are portrayed
  • The relationship between one’s confidence and positive postures


Personal Hygiene


  • Germs are everywhere and inevitable
  • Consequences of poor personal hygiene including diseases
  • What is considered hygienic in the company?
  • Aware of own personal hygiene
  • Proper ways of exercising personal hygiene

Entrepreneurship 101

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a. To describe characteristics to be an entrepreneur
b. To develop and strengthen entrepreneurial mindset when managing stores
c. To outline strategies to increase sales conversion of stores.
d. To explain different types of life domains and importance of self-management.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship


  • Being An Entrepreneur
  • Risk Of An Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurship In Reality
  • Life Of An Entrepreneur

Strategies Of Entrepreneur


  • Activity: Pinlog Puzzle
  • Being Aware Of Your Surrounding
  • Market Research & Strategy
  • Conversion Strategy

Right Mindset of Entrepreneur


  • Escaping the prison
  • Balancing 3 Domains In Life
  • ‘I Am In Charged’ Mindsets
  • Entrepreneurship & Self Management


Sustaining Entrepreneurship


  • Activity: Brick Breaker
  • Senheng Case Study: Sustainable Strategies
  • 3P For Sustainability
  • Case Study: The Top Jelly Powder Manufacturer”


hustler program

a. Differentiate crucial elements to excel in ethical hustling
b. Identify opportunities and methods to network as a hustler
c. Develop key HUSTLER values in driving success

Session 1


  • How Not To Be A Hustler
  • Secrets Behind Successful Hustling
  • Creating Opportunities Through Networking
  • The HUSTLE Value
  • The Drive To Freedom: Living As A Hustler

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