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HRDF Claimable Training Course 2020

All of the programs below are HRDF claimable. Please click in each program for more information.

No Title Short Description Rating
1 Leadership 1.0 - Leading Self for Efficiency

Leading self is the first step to leading others


2 Leadership 2.0 - Leading others to Perform

Leading others is a Priviledge not a Right

3 Leadership 3.0 - Leading Business Strategies and Goals

Using a structured approach to problem-solving enables you to broaden your range of creative solutions and eventually making a higher-quality decision.

4 Leadership 4.0 - Getting Accountability From Others

Getting employees to take ownership and accountability for their work is critical to organizational success.

5 Management Masterclass 1.0 - Resilient Management

Due to environment trend changes, organization is required for continuous improvement towards achieving missions.

6 Management Masterclass 2.0 - Emphatic People Management

In an organization, everyone is managing something. However, managing oneself is not enough when there is a group of people working together.

7 Management Masterclass 3.0 - Operation and Control Management

Excellence organizational operation and management are considered as well organizational function. It refers to the art of where everyone from an organization is working on a unique platform to strive for the same organizational goals.

8 Management Masterclass 4.0 - Work Improvement and Operational Process

One of the reasons process and work improvements fail is that a lot of people realize that the desired change is too big that they don’t know where and how to start.

9 Management Masterclass 5.0 - Prioritization, Time and Execution Management

Prioritization, time and execution management course emphasize the skills and tools in managing personal time and chaotic work schedules. Time is a finite commodity. 

10 Management Masterclass 6.0 - Gung Ho Team Management

Gung Ho Team Management course covers the importance of coordination in building a dependable relation between subordinates and relevant parties to achieve organizational goals and individual goals.

11 Management Masterclass 7.0 - Coaching and Mentoring in Competitive Workplace

People need coaching because they need to cope with the high demands and challenges of life.

No Title Short Description Rating
1 Intro to New Retail

As the years go by, the retail industry has been evolving from something tiny to a Big Giant.

2 New Retail Masterclass

What’s particularly concerning for the retail industry and its suppliers today is that many of them are struggling versus technological disruptors during a period of almost 10 years of economic expansion.


No Title Short Description Rating
1 Achieving Excellence Through Passion

The purpose of this training is to re-engineer and re-steer the mentality of support staff from a negative or pessimistic outlook into a proactive and positive mindset using the right methods and techniques.

2 Analytical and Creative Thinking Skills 4.9 
3 Collaborative Communication through NLP

Ineffective collaboration and communication have caused numerous issues including unproductive job performance resentments from employees. 

4 Emotional Intelligence for Fast-Paced Organizations

Enhance work relationships with social intelligence

5 Essential Skills of Telemarketing

This workshop takes you through the complete telesales call cycle – from first contact to close.

6 Essential Skills of Telemarketing 2.0

This training shares a thorough discussion of various customer types and the factors that affect customer behavior is central to the ability to provide value-added products and services.

7 Impressive Presentation Skill

The skill to deliver impressive presentations in the workplace is an essential skill that every employee should possess.

8 Personal Image Branding

A professional image and business etiquettes are amongst the most critical competencies required in any organizational setting.

9 Power Negotiation Skills

Conflict is inevitable, but we can focus on turning conflict into collaboration, and this is when negotiation comes into place.

10 Workplace Pressure and Emotional Management

Stress is fast becoming a way or part of life. Too much pressure and stress in the workplace can create effect on performance, creativity, motivation and communication. 


No Title Short Description Rating
1 Careline Customer Engagement

The Careline Customer Engagement course covers the skills and techniques needed to succeed when working in a call center.

2 Franchise 101 Masterclass

An underperforming franchisee in a network, not only does harm to their business, but to the brand they represent as well.

3 Inventory and Asset Management

If you have ever had the experience of managing inventory, then you would realize exactly that it is so significant to consider each and every item as an asset, for both the health and livelihood of your operation.

4 Professionalism, Efficiency and Safety for Delivery Drivers and Installers

Tip top self image and work standards for delivery drivers and installers

5 Retail Management 1.0 - Strategic Customer Proposition Value

As the technologies keep advancing, retail industry has been slowly conquering the business industry.

6 Retail Management 3.0 - Bulletproof Marketing Tools for Retail

Marketing is a tool utilized to create and sustain demand, relevance, reputation, competitive and more.

7 Showroom and Display Management

Excellence showroom display is one of the keys to be successful in retail industries. Most customers are highly visual in nature, and that is the fact that showroom display is important for retail industries.

8 Standing Out from Retail Competition : How to Build Customer Loyalty

Business competition in nowadays is becoming more and more challenging. Having great customer services have become one of the essential key for retailers to sustain their business.

9 Supervisory Skills in Retail

What makes a good supervisor? 

10 Win Customers' H.E.A.R.T.S for Logistics

Win Customer’s H.E.A.R.T.S for Logistics covers the techniques and skills to gain customer’s loyalty that result in long term business relationship.

No Title Short Description Rating
1 Closing Techniques

Is closing really the most difficult part of the sale?

2 Conversational English for Retail

English has seen to be the international language. Knowing English in both spoken and written brings a huge benefit because it helps in communicating the people from the other side of the world.

3 Elevate Your Customer Service

Elevate Your Customer Service course covers essential customer service techniques and skills.

4 Emotional Intelligence in Workplace

Building EQ capabilities

5 F.I.R.E. Up Your Career

Skills to boost career motivation

6 Handling Angry and Distressed Customers

Difficult situations are inevitable in a service industry especially when we are dealing with various customers who are bent on getting their way.

7 Handling Objection in Sales

Getting an objection from customer is always one of the biggest challenges facing by sales representative. If the sales representative are able to handle the objection, securing the sales will no longer be an issue

8 Personal Image and Professionalism

A professional image and business etiquettes are amongst the most critical competencies required in any organizational setting.

9 Product Confidence Skills

Self-confidence is important in almost every aspect of our lives, yet many people are struggling to find it.

10 Responding to Customer Complaints

Customers complains aren't your problem … disregarding them is

11 Retail Ethics and Security Management

Maintaining high ethical standards in workplace is the heart of any reputable retail. It ultimately establishes and builds high customer confidence.

12 Sales Performance Management

Some people say that extroverted sales personality makes these group of people a natural fit for sales career. Yet, do you know that effective sales skills can be developed?

13 Story Selling Skills

The customer is unpredictable. When it comes to them, it is hard to imagine whether the sales will be able to close or not even after they have shown the buying signals.

14 Upselling and Cross-selling Skills

Upselling and cross-selling is an incredible opportunity for outside sales teams and neglecting them can be detrimental.

No Title Short Description Rating
1 Senheng HR Policies Program

Senheng HR Policies Program acquaints employees with the company policy, rules and regulation and workplace etiquettes.

2 Senheng On-boarding Program

Leading new employees to see the necessity to embrace changes and personally account for making adaption is important. 

3 Senheng Transformation Journey

A company that transform from something to become GREATER

No Title Short Description Rating
1 Anti-Bribery And Corruption Management System

Bribery is one of the most serious unethical financial practices in an organization.

2 Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA)

Hazards exist in every workplace and it can lead to the greatest hurt to an organization’s assets and employees.

3 Workplace Rules for Personal Success

Disciplinary is important for every organization where all employees follow organization’s rules to create an orderly environment.